‘Harry Potter’ Fan-Fiction Film about Voldemort’s Origin is Blowing Up

‘Harry Potter’ Fan-Fiction Film about Voldemort’s Origin is Blowing Up

Harry Potter fan-fiction is great to see, though in regards to Voldemort’s origin I kind of thought we were going to see something a little closer to the origin of his being, not his school days. It’s no wonder why this film is blowing up on the internet though, it does paint a very vivid picture of the days leading into his reign as one of the most dangerous dark wizards ever. The simple fact is that Tom Marvolo Riddle was always bad in some way. From the beginning of his life to the end there was little chance of being redeemed, as though some part of his soul was tainted without his knowing. Yet he didn’t shy from it either.

The story of the heirs to each magical house is an interesting one and gives a very good account of each house and what they represented. Hufflepuff’s heir was willing to do anything to prove himself, Ravenclaw’s heir was the more level-headed individual that didn’t want to fight, and Gryffindor’s heir was reckless, though heroic in her journey to stop the ambitious and sly Slytherin heir, Tom Riddle. The only issue is that the Gryffindor heir seems to think that Tom still had some good in him, a spark that no one could ever see, or didn’t want to. If there is a true failing of the Gryffindor’s, and there is, they simply do not give up on anyone. It is a strength as well as a failing, but in the case of Tom Riddle it became a dangerous obsession that took both heirs down a very dangerous course.

Ravenclaw’s have almost always been more detached, more cerebral than the rest, while the other houses have worked more from emotion, from a sense of what’s right and wrong, and from their desires and needs. The Hufflepuff house has always sought to prove themselves and has thus produced some of the hardest-working students in the history of Hogwarts, while Gryffindor is of course the hose that is synonymous with glory and the attitude that they are in some way superior. Slytherin on the other hand is the house that is ambitious, sly, cerebral yet visceral as well in their ways. This is why Tom Riddle was perfect as a Slytherin, as he was born to ambition and a deep-seated anger that drove him to greater heights and even greater depravity.

This film shows just how Tom Riddle might have at one point been a decent person had he taken a different course, but as those who have read the books and watched the movies have already figured out he had no interest in taking the course of the just. Not all Slytherin’s have been known to turn bad, though the very premise of their house was based upon the idea that purebloods are the only way to preserve the magical power that fuels the wizarding world. The house is essentially made to believe that muggles are lesser in some regard and that only purebloods can possibly inherit the wizarding world. For a student like Tom Riddle this was like adding a truckload of fuel to an already raging inferno.

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