Here’s Why the Kid from Deadpool 2 Looks so Familiar

Here’s Why the Kid from Deadpool 2 Looks so Familiar

There’s a reason why the kid from the Deadpool 2 trailer looks so familiar, but it might only be so if you’ve been watching the career of New Zealand native Julian Dennison. He’s been in a small number of TV spots and independent films that might have attracted the attention of those that take note of such things, otherwise there’s still a chance you’ve seen his face on the rare commercial that’s come through now and again. In any case he’s been around for longer than a lot of people have realized, but it’s possible that you might not have seen him simply because of the programs you frequently watch or because he’s still on a rise when it comes to his career.

Given that he’s now in a movie that will be hitting theaters all over the world, or at least in most areas, it’s likely that people will start to look him up and realize just how extensive his career has already been. In Deadpool 2 he’ll be playing the mysterious mutant that Cable has come back in time to find and Deadpool feels obliged to protect, which is quite a switch from the comics really since Cable was always seen as the good guy and Wade was the villain most times. But as Deadpool’s popularity has risen his image has certainly changed and he’s become the antihero that no one saw coming for quite a while. Cable on the other hand looks as though he’s going to be one mean contender for the audience since Josh Brolin is known for putting in a stellar performance pretty much anywhere he goes. The identity of the mutant that Dennison will be playing is unknown at this time however since everyone’s keeping everything under lock and key for the time being. But the idea of who he might be is kind of interesting.

There was a thought that he might be Roberto da Costa, a member of the New Mutants back in the day and someone that’s extremely powerful when he absorbs enough energy. Sunspot, his code name, was able to gather solar energy and use it as a weapon to deliver lethal blasts of energy that could decimate opponents. But seeing as how the character’s name is Russell that part could very well be null and void. Of course there’s still a chance but it’s not something that’s concrete when it comes to theories and rumors. Dennison will be playing the role of a very powerful mutant that Cable has come back in time to find, so it’s possible that he could be someone entirely different depending upon who the writers wanted to insert into the fold. This is keeping in mind that the comic book versions have been ripped up and pieced back together throughout so many timelines that it’s all become one big confusing mess.

But before you go to see Deadpool 2 take a look at Julian Dennison and what he’s done in his career already. Then you might realize he’s not a wet-behind-the-ears kid looking to take on his first big role. He’s been around the block a time or two by now.

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