Five Classic Peanut Butter Movie Scenes for National Peanut Day

Peanut butter has to be one of the most delicious substances ever created and to be honest it’s delicious on a lot of different foods and as a flavoring it’s great in a lot more. In movies it’s even found a home which is great since it might give you an excuse to watch a few films come National Peanut Day. Yes, there is a day honoring peanuts since quite honestly they do manage to influence a lot of our foods and products that we use on a regular basis. The sad thing is that a lot of people these days have a severe allergy to peanuts and can’t even touch them for fear that they’ll go into shock from the dust. That seems like a sad existence if you can’t enjoy a good peanut since salted or not they’re a great snack and when mashed up into peanut butter they tend to be quite good. Of course to each their own.

Here are a few movies that show how peanut butter can be used pretty efficiently in a film.

5. The Benchwarmers

How badly would you have to tease someone that they’d be institutionalized and then forced to live in their parents’ home since they couldn’t stand being on the outside any longer? On the one hand Marcus did manage to create some pretty impressive artwork between his castle and his peanut butter sculptures. Who would have ever thought you could make such works of art from the sweet, gooey concoction? To be honest the sculptures are pretty cool and it would be worth it to find out just how to do it since despite the fact that it could attract a whole colony of ants it would still be fun.

4. War of the Worlds

This is the kind of father that you really don’t want to have to be stuck with when the world comes to an end, but at the very least the kids could cut him a break since he’s keeping them alive. It’s one thing to realize that he doesn’t even know that his daughter can’t eat peanut butter, but he is trying. Of course being a bad parent doesn’t just get erased when the guy does a couple of things right like saving his kids’ lives. It’s kind of hard to feel safe with someone that doesn’t have his own life figured out since there’s no telling when he’s going to just lose it in the face of such a huge responsibility.

3. Training Day

This is perhaps one of the grosser stories about peanut butter that’s ever been told but it does serve a purpose and it does manage to get a good laugh out of everyone. Imagine a convict is so bent on getting their way that they find a method that few if any have ever thought about. Now imagine that this convict finds a way to shove a wad of peanut butter down where the sun doesn’t shine and wait, picking his moment until he’s standing in front of the judge. He then reaches back and digs out a scoop before licking his fingers right in front of the judge and everyone else. Yeah, that might be grounds for an insanity plea even if it was a trick.

2. Meet Joe Black

The reaction that Brad Pitt gives in this movie is just priceless since he nails the joy of trying something for the first time and loving it with such perfection that you can’t help but wonder just how long he worked on this scene and what he went through to finally find this one expression that would work so well. Now factor in that his character is playing that of Death and think again. Realize that Death doesn’t get to experience everything as a human being and would likely find such experiences to be highly stimulating, not to mention completely foreign in a way that suggests that the Grim Reaper would react in an almost childlike manner when going through them.

1. Gamer

This clip has only the suggestion of a peanut butter sandwich but it’s the absolute nerve of the kid to even ask for one with all he’s going through already. The young man in the chair had a record with the current gaming system, that uses cons as avatars, that was phenomenal and had a lot to do with the fact that he had one of the best players in the game at his command. But when he set the con loose that became a huge red flag that was waving right at him. The authorities then took his hard drive and all his gear and went through it with a laser pointer to determine just what he was hiding. And the kid has the gall to ask for a peanut butter sandwich.

That’s awesome on a level that many simply don’t understand.

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