Why We’ll Be Watching “The Rookies”

Why We’ll Be Watching “The Rookies”

Why We’ll Be Watching “The Rookies”

It feels fair to say that the trailer for The Rookies incorporates a lot of different elements but defies them all by trying to be its own thing in such a chaotic way that trying to pin down any one element is possible, but only after a moment of clarification. In other words, this movie looks like something that could end up being watchable just because people want to see what happens next and won’t want to miss out on the action or the explanations for it that come when no one is shooting or flying around the room. This isn’t the first movie in which Milla Jovovich will play an individual that’s an insanely gifted killer, since from the moment she played Leeloo and Ultraviolet, and yes, Alice, she’s been known as one of the most action-oriented women in Hollywood, and some would say that she’s earned it while others might claim that she’s good at it, but there’s not a lot of versatility in her roles. Seriously, she’s had a few roles in which she has the ability to dodge bullets, kind of, and assert her skill as a talented killer. One of her more recent movies, Monster Hunter, was kind of a nice switch since she had to play someone that was out of her element and really had to struggle in order to survive. The Fifth Element was another movie that kind of displayed this since she was an individual in a strange place without any knowledge of what to do or where to go.

Even The Messenger, which was her opportunity to play Joan of Arc, was a movie that made her struggle since it was based more in reality, no matter how many liberties were taken, than many of her other movies. The roles of Ultraviolent and Alice from Resident Evil made it possible for her to be seen as someone that could defy the laws of physics and turn into a seriously badass character that could take on just about anyone or anything unless it was far beyond her. Leeloo was that way as well to be fair, but watching her struggle as a character is kind of nice since it would imply that she’s so close to being the ultimate fighter that can do anything and make it look easy. To be realistic the movie looks like it might cater to those that don’t worry too much about the story and want to watch the over the top fight scenes and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over certain scenes that are particularly brutal, but until we get to see it we won’t really be certain. It’s at least taking a chance to watch the movie and see what it will be like since Milla’s ability to rock an action scene is pretty enticing, but if this is how each fight scene is going to go down then the story better be one that’s convincing as hell, since otherwise, it becomes little more than fight porn that a lot of people enjoy, but doesn’t always offer a lot in the way of a plot.

The overall point of this appears to be that an athlete will somehow get involved with an illicit deal that will put him in the middle of something that he has little to no knowledge of and will force him to team up with Bruce, Jovovich’s character, to join in the general melee that is to come. Apart from that, there’s not a lot known about the movie other than that it’s bound to be something pretty wild since looking at the trailer makes that fairly obvious. Milla has been in so many action movies at this point that one has to wonder if there’s ever going to come a day when she’s going to slow down, and why she hasn’t bothered gravitating towards the DC universe or the MCU as of yet, since she has what it takes to be either a hero or a villain. It’s likely that all she needs to do is express interest in the move and someone would gladly offer her a role somewhere. In terms of this story, it has yet to be seen what’s going to happen and what the audience can expect, but from the trailer, there are likely already a lot of guesses and a healthy amount of anticipation and expectation that will hopefully be rewarded when the movie does finally arrive.

As an action star, Milla is one of those that is quite convincing no matter if the movie and her moves and abilities are over the top, or if she’s seen having to really work for an outcome. But it does feel as though in this one she’s going to be something like a cross between James Bond and Ultraviolet, without the vampirism.

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