Five of Our Favorite Spy Movie Spoofs

Five of Our Favorite Spy Movie Spoofs

Five of Our Favorite Spy Movie Spoofs

Spy films have almost always been Hollywood gold unless they’ve used someone that just couldn’t act and was simply horrible at bringing in a crowd. That’s why the spoof films that focus on the spy game are so funny. The acting doesn’t always have to be on par, it just has to be hilarious in in some cases bad taste is what really sells. Spoof films have been a hit for years now and are something that many people don’t seem to think are in any danger of going away, which is great for those that happen to love them. Some films might need to finally fizzle out so new films can come in, but until then at least we have a well-established list of favorites.

As corny as they can get, they’re still some of the best spy spoof films around.

5. Undercover Brother

So from here on out let’s just assume that all of these movies have something to do with world domination and the good guys stopping it, mkay? Undercover Brother wasn’t the greatest of spy movies but as a spoof it was downright hilarious. The spies were fully set on taking the fight to the Man throughout the entire film and the stereotypes that got thrown around were so outrageous you had to laugh or get offended, or just not watch.

4. Get Smart

Hands up, how many watched this show when it was still on the air? They couldn’t have picked a funnier guy to play Max Smart, nor could the inclusion of several WWE superstars gone any better. Even Anne Hathaway contributed to this film by doing more than just being pretty. As spoof movies go it was a little dry in spots but overall it was hilarious.

3. Spies Like Us

When you need a decoy to take the attention off of a much more high profile team then there’s really no one that’s more expendable than numbers crunches and pencil-pushers. Unfortunately when they become your only hope that plan can backfire in a big way. Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase were definitely the right choice for this bit of hilarity and absolutely made this movie what it is.

2. Spy

Sometimes you just need to step out from behind that desk and go kick some serious butt. It’s been the trend in some cases that the best field agents are the ones that haven’t been tested yet. In theory that might work since it is obvious that some agents are being squandered behind a desk in films, but in reality it seems like that would be the fast track to losing a lot of good agents.

1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

I believe this is the guy that really started the trend. Spies Like Us might have been unique in its time but Austin Powers really got the ball rolling again. After the first successful film he went on to do another couple and the laughs only got longer and harder from that point on. Since then most people can remember Austin Powers and his many catchphrases without any difficulty.

The spy spoofs are some of the best ever made, right up there with horror spoofs.


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