Fans are Really Pushing for a Solo 2 Movie To Happen

It’s hard not to cringe when Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb states that Star Wars fans are going to ‘mobilize’ when it comes to demanding a sequel to Solo, which was met with a great amount of hate and vitriol by some of the same people that are now likely to say they want a sequel. It was already known that the movie wouldn’t be following the EU canon since Disney has been content to pick bits and pieces from the EU without just diving into it as a lot of fans still want. The problem with the Solo movie however was, well, it was that it all felt way too fast and too rushed to offer up any real idea of where Han had come from and what he’d been through. There are plenty of moments that coincide with the Legends canon since he did need to be able to understand Chewbacca when the two of them met considering that as an older smuggler he understood the wookie perfectly. But his status as a thief looking to escape his handlers and his relationship with Qi’ra were aspects that felt as though they could have used a bit more explanation. Solo could have been a two-part movie and things might have appeared to be far more rounded than what they turned out to be. As it stands, Solo is still one of the least popular Star Wars movies out there, right along with The Last Jedi. There’s plenty of action, but a lot of it felt forced in a way and not entirely natural and flowing as it should have.

As far as a sequel goes, the fact that Han mentioned another deal that he and Chewie could get in on was a bit anticlimactic since it’s true, he could have been talking about any number of gangsters, but die hard fans would no doubt think that he was talking about Jabba the Hutt, even if he didn’t mention the name or the planet they were headed towards. It would be easy to think that another story could take shape however considering that Han and Chewie had to really bond with the Millennium Falcon and make a few adjustments here and there before the events of A New Hope. But where the story would go and who would show up might lead to a massive discussion with the fans and once again expectations that would be dashed if the director didn’t decide to do what people were hoping for. Of course Boba Fett would be a desired character to see, as he and Han do have a vague history with one another, Fett being a bounty hunter and Han being a smuggler that rubs people the wrong way at times. But the interest in Fett right now is definitely being stoked by the The Mandalorian and his supposed part in it, which means that if not for the Disney+ series it’s possible that people might still want this, but the clambering might not be as fervent as it’s already becoming. J.J. Goodman of had something to offer on this topic that was kind of interesting.

At the moment it doesn’t sound as though there are any plans for a Solo sequel, which might leave some people breathing easier but is definitely frustrating to others since the appearance of Darth Maul and the fact that Qi’ra serves him is enough for many people to demand another movie just to sort the matter out and see where it leads. After all it’s kind of tough to introduce one of the most iconic figures in Star Wars history only as a cameo without bringing any resolution to it. This is unfortunately one of the only driving reasons that people are willing to say anything about a sequel apart from the idea that they’ve had time to cool down and take a second look at the movie. Coming on the heels of The Last Jedi as it did, Solo was already facing an insurmountable amount of disappointment and never had much of a chance to win that many people over. As one of those that read nearly the entire EU canon, including Solo’s own trilogy that took him from a young boy to the seasoned smuggler he would become, it was a desire to see things unfold as they were in the book, at least in some regard, but it wasn’t too surprising that such a thing didn’t happen. Disney has no interest in telling the story the way fans want to see it at times, but this is a big reason why they’ve been tripping up so hard when it comes to Star Wars, which is a gold mine that they’ve plumbed, but haven’t yet really scratched when it comes to overall potential. Stephen Kelly of BBC had something else to add to this. If a Solo sequel does ever happen it’s going to be likely due to the idea that Disney has grown tired of the caterwauling of the fans, not because they think it’s a good idea.

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