10 Things You Didn’t Know about Trevor Holmes

When Trevor Holmes watched “The Bachelor,” he never thought that he would one day be on it, yet here he is on “The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart.” We have already seen him warm up to Jamie Gabrielle; he cannot disclose if they are still together, but he said he is in lockdown with his dog and mother. These facts will let you know about him that the show may not reveal.

1. He is allegedly a serial cheater

Natascha claimed that Trevor had cheated on one of her friends in the past, but Trevor said it was only emotional cheating. Although Jamie forgave Trevor saying that Natascha was very aggressive and dramatic, Natascha revealed that it was not a one—time thing. According to Gold Derby, Trevor has cheated on so many other women, and she was shocked at the number that was still caught up in his web. However, she added that she could only expose him, but everyone needs to make their own decisions.

2. He had an active childhood

One thing that Trevor loves about growing up in Southern California is the weather that enabled him to spend his days surfing and snowboarding. During the summers, Trevor would bask on the boardwalks every day. His love for snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and wakeboarding had him doing even two of the activities in one day since he could never get enough of all of them. To him, spending his childhood there is the greatest gift.

3. His love for music dates back to his younger years

Although he does not remember the precise moment he fell in love with music, Trevor nostalgically recalls listening to his mother’s NOW CD’s as she drove him to school. He sang along every day and cited those moments as the best in his life. He later wanted to become a performer, and Venice Beach presented the perfect opportunity; Venice Beach is home to lots of art and culture; thus, he honed his musical skills on its streets.

4. His song “Walls” was inspired by his ex-girlfriend

Musicians find inspiration in both the negative and positive emotions they go through; some like Taylor Swift dissed their exes in songs while John Legend dedicated “All of Me” to his wife. Trevor, on the other hand, was still in a relationship with Sierra when he wrote “Walls.” He explained that she had become so guarded due to her past experiences, but Trevor was determined to break down the walls she had built around her heart. He said that despite the barrier, he was not going to give up on her because she was worth the fight and love.

5. He is a father

Trevor is a proud dad to a one-year-old puppy, and he took to Instagram to show just how much he loves Koda, as he wished her happy birthday. Like any child, Koda has driven Trevor to the edge of his sanity by chewing on Trevor’s stuff, but he loves her still and always will. He describes the puppy as his “ride or die” and appreciates her for the unconditional love she gives him. He, therefore, cannot bear to lose her, although there are times he came close.

6. His first crush

Love knows no age, and when Trevor was 10, he was on vacation in Mexico when he saw a 9-year-old girl that captured his heart. Unfortunately, they never saw each other again after his one-week-vacation ended, and he went back home. The good thing is they had a picture together to remind them of that beautiful moment they had. Therefore when she saw Trevor on “American Idol,” she recognized him thus contacted him on social media and sent him the photo.

7. He was resistant to be on “The Bachelor.”

Trevor had many people entice him to be on the reality show, but he was not interested. He had watched a few episodes, and whenever he did, he got hooked but never to the extent of becoming an avid viewer. Still, he did not want people thinking instead of looking for love, he was on the show to promote his career; thus, he never bothered. However, being able to kill two birds with one stone presented a perfect opportunity, so he went on “Listen To Your Heart.”

8. Why he serenaded Jamie

Jamie Gabrielle had said that all she wants in life is a man who will serenade her. However, Trevor was not interested in trying to meet her wishes through a serenade. The musician only knew that words were not enough to express what he was feeling towards Jamie; the two had an immediate connection which rarely happens. As a result, he chose to sing for her.

9. He has had understanding girlfriends

Some men are lucky to have the most supportive and understanding girlfriends, and Trevor can count himself among them. He currently has Jamie, who has shown that regardless of the naysayers like Natascha, she is not giving up on a man she thinks has portrayed how sweet he is. Trevor’s ex, Sierra, also understood that people can have celebrity crushes, Trevor having confessed that he crushed on Katy and never thought he would ever get to meet her. While some would be angry to have a partner crushing over someone else, Sierra proved not to be bothered. She even offered Katy to him, saying they could share Trevor.

10. Why Trevor broke up with Sierra

They say you should leave the table once respect is no longer being served and as per US Magazine, Sierra felt her heart was not being respected as it deserved. Sierra disclosed that after giving her all, it was not reciprocated thus needed to walk away. She added that she had been betrayed through infidelity and deceit; therefore, even if Trevor once defended himself with “emotional cheating,” there is probably more than that to the story.

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