Treasure Quest: Snake Island Season 2 Premiere


If you enjoy treasure hunting, then the reality based Treasure Quest Snake Island will be right up your alley. This Discovery Channel series completed season one and just kicked of its round of brand new episodes with season two making its debut on November 4, 2016. If you’re a current viewer you’re in for some real surprised and if you haven’t started watching yet, we’ll give you an update on what you’ve been missing.

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrills, excitement and drama that the hunters experience in their expedition to uncover clues and find treasures. Real danger is lurking around every corner and there are scenes that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Here is what’s happened since the start of the second season and what you can expect to see on 11/11/16.

Moving beyond the first season

The first season took us through Snake Island located in Brazil on a quest of four hundred million dollars in lost Incan gold. While the treasure wasn’t located some vital clues were discovered. Lead by Cork Graham and Jeremy Whalen, team leaders, the crew deduced that the treasure is located deep within the jungle of Paraguay. This is how the first season ended. Season two picked up where the first one left off with leaders leading the expedition to explore the area where the figure is believed to be.

Season Two

Season two kicked off officially on November 4, 2016 and it did so with a bang. The two team leaders are back for a second round and they have friends helping the in the continuing quest for the Incan gold treasure. There is a lot at stake but in addition to the stress and anxiety involved with treasure hunting, there is a rush of adrenaline and excitement as well. Viewers feel is nearly as much as the crew members who are roughing it in the wild looking intently for any clue that may lead them to the yet undiscovered treasure.

Crew Members

Joining Graham and Whalen are Meghan Heaney-Grier, Emilio White, Keith “Cappy” Plaskett and Brett Tutor. The groups sift through Incan artifacts looking for clues that may lead them to the gold. There will be adventures a plenty but not in the sense that is often portrayed by the movies. This reality based program features real people with a lust for the thrill of the hunt and each is working hard to overcome challenges on a physical and psychological level. You’ll see emotions rise and fall as new discoveries are made and as they think that they’re coming close to finding the bonanza, only to be disappointed with yet another dead end. There is no shortage of clues in this adventure and it’s enough to keep your blood pumping with each new episode.

Upcoming episode sneak peak

A continuation of the first episode leads Whalen, Graham and their teams from the mainland throughout the deeper regions of the South American jungles and forests. Their skills and resolve will be challenged to the maximum as they venture deeper and deeper towards the place where they believe the treasure is located. We know that the group of treasure hunters’ survival skills will be tested severely. The terrain will at times be as unfriendly as it can get. There will be a river journey involved. Falling into the water or casual wading will be something that the group wants to avoid because of the piranha infested waters.

You never know when one will be swimming by and decide to take a bite. The river may be calm in one spot and raging in another. As if the perils of the river were not enough, there is ample wildlife waiting on the banks of the river. The land is teeming with jaguars who are looking for their daily meals. To add a little more suspense, pit vipers and a significant population of venomous insects swarm the areas that the group will be traversing. The decisions that they make can literally land them on the steps of death’s door. They do all of this in search of the treasure that they believe and hope is at the end of their journey.

What we don’t know

The things that we don’t know are will they encounter wild animals? Will they be bitten by snakes? With the very dangerous Parana river nearby anything could happen. One thing that we can tell you for certain is that there is danger, intrigue and suspense for everyone involved, including the viewers. There is always the possibility that a member of the team will fall ill from exposure to dangerous insects or disease. The threat of accidental injury or animal attack is always present.

These are the elements that add to the overall excitement of the show. We also don’t know if a member of the group will decide that the challenges are just too great for them to continue on. There is no written script to guide them so you’re likely to hear some rather surprising and choice phrases as team members experience the ups and downs of intense treasure hunting at its finest.

What drives them to continue on this quest?

Every individual on the expedition will learn the importance of team work for the sole purpose of survival. There will be good times, bad times and then intense versions of each. What is it worth to have a shot at finding a treasure that is worth millions? Is it all about the money and the potential for amassing great wealth? Perhaps this is part of the thrill that drives them forward, but it is most likely only a part of the adventure.

It could very well be that the greatest part of the adventure is simply being present, using deductive reasoning skills and solving the complicated mysteries to unlock clues that will lead to the final prize. You be the judge as you catch the exciting new episode that will leave your heart racing. Mark the date and time of the next challenge as it is coming soon. Don’t miss an episode of season two. The next episode is scheduled to air on Friday, November 11, 2016 on the Discover Channel.

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