Trading Dwarves for ‘Magical Creatures’..Oh Disney

Trading Dwarves for ‘Magical Creatures’..Oh Disney

Trading Dwarves for ‘Magical Creatures’..Oh Disney

Welcome back to ‘Let’s Erase Your Childhood!’. No, not literally, but it would appear that people are still taking offense with as much story material as they possibly can as it sounds like Disney will be trading out the dwarves from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves for, wait for it…magical creatures. Nope, it’s not a joke, and yes, a celebrity has already commented on it when the idea for the live-action remake came along, as Peter Dinklage actually thinks that using small folks for the dwarves in this classic tale is backward and needs to stop. It would be way too easy to ask if the increased sensitivity of so many is going to be the downfall of society at one point, especially since there have been so many huge debates over such a subject in the last several years, but it feels like a better idea to explain the opinion of why this is yet another way that Disney is bending the knee to the interests of those that would gladly have people watching PC material over anything else if they had the chance. 

That sounds a bit extreme, but so does the erasure of history, even if it’s an animated band of dwarves that don’t feel offensive in the least bit since so many people enjoyed them in a carefree and innocent manner when we were kids, and we still do to this day. For whatever reason, however, well, for various reasons actually, the term ‘dwarf’ has become offensive over the years as it’s one of the many words that has been listed as one of those that aren’t okay to use. But now it would appear that Disney is going to go all-in when it comes to eliminating the word and the characters. The idea of eradicating the past, or at least covering it up so that people might think that one is attempting to be ‘socially responsible’ is one of the most dubious practices ever concocted, but the fact that it’s been seen to happen when it comes to various pieces of fiction is saddening since the censorship that’s been seen to affect the real world is bad enough since while it does some good here and there, it also does quite a bit of damage. 

The term ‘dwarf’ really only carries negative connotations when one desires to add them, since like it or not, people might need to step back and realize that the word has been a part of the English language for a very long time now, and has usually spoken of a mythical race of human-like beings that are, by nature, shorter and stockier, but in many fantasy stories are quite tough, industrious, fierce, and in a lot of cases highly intelligent. It’s enough to wonder at this point if there will be someone advocating the removal of all dwarven representation in the movies at some point, since this would be kind of a tough thing to do with movies such as The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, which show images and representations of dwarves that are largely positive, much like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Perhaps they can be called miners instead to save Disney money? 

It’s likely that this wouldn’t fly since the ball is already in motion on this it would appear and Disney is eagerly bending that knee to ‘make things right’ for a crowd that will never be fully satisfied, even when every demand has been met. This is the downfall of those that use social justice or social responsibility to justify their demands that things be changed to their liking. Eventually, they might get everything they want, but in the end, they’ll need to find something to pick at since with nothing else to do, they’ll end up tearing themselves and their ‘allies’ apart for the barest hint of a slight or misrepresentation. This movie is a good example since there aren’t a lot of negatives to be taken from the time-honored story unless one has to fabricate them and make a big deal of what wasn’t thought to be an issue for so many years. There’s no ‘back in the day’ argument here, only a realization that things have worsened within the past decade, meaning that it’s suspicious as to how quickly opinions have turned. 

A bit of good advice would be to go out and purchase a copy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs before everything is changed, since if this attempt to placate those that are talking the loudest goes through and becomes permanent, it would be nice to remember the way things were. One has to wonder if one day the classics we grew up with will find their way to burn pile or simply be deleted, but one can hope that cooler heads will prevail before then. 


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