Epic Fights Paris Fashion Week Star Kylie Jenner Had with Her Sisters

We couldn’t get enough of Kylie Jenner’s killer outfits during Paris Fashion Week. The star never failed to turn heads as she graced the streets of France. Some outfits she rocked included a vampy femme fatale, a lace Mugler look, and a breathtaking angelic gown. Not only is her fashion sense always on point, but the star is also a massive success in the business world. This was after she founded one of the most successful beauty brands, Kylie Cosmetics. Aside from being a beauty mogul, Kylie is the mother of two adorable babies with hit rapper Travis Scott.

Credit: @kyliejenner

The fashion icon has a large family with four sisters we all know very well, Kourtney, Kendall, Kim, and finally, Khloe. We undoubtedly know that girls will always be girls, and sisters will have their share of fights. The rows between the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are, therefore, pretty regular, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t entertaining.

1. Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

Kourtney is the eldest sibling, so she naturally becomes a second mom to her sisters. On the other hand, Kylie is the youngest, automatically becoming the family’s baby. The two sisters have had a special relationship despite their age gap and will often be seen hanging out. This, however, does not mean that the two have always been on good terms. The biggest fight Kourtney talked about occurred when Kylie was eight, and they had gone to Disney World.

In each store they stepped in, their mom Kris Jenner bought for them anything they wanted except in one particular shop. Kylie, of course, was furious and wasn’t so shy to show it. Kourtney got angry at how Kylie threw such a big tantrum and decided enough was enough. She called Kylie the biggest brat and even told her how embarrassed she was that they were related. To a young Kourtney, there were so many kids with no food or homes, and Kylie couldn’t handle one tiny rejection. Later, the two sisters apologized and now make a cute duo.

Credit: @kyliejenner

2. Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner

I bet we are all waiting for The Kardashians season 2, especially the feud Kylie seems to have with older sister Kendal. In the trailer released earlier this year, we see Kylie venting about how mad she is at Kendall. This eventually led to the star canceling a family event. We also get a snippet of Kendall complaining about how she has to cover up for Kylie after she bails constantly.

Their rivalry is nothing new to loyal fans, whether big or small. Kylie swipes at her sister, and Kendall hits right back. The biggest fight between the two, however, got very physical. It happened in 2020 during a trip to Palm Springs. Tensions began when Kylie stole Kendall’s outfit that she had planned on wearing. This made the supermodel furious and even said that Kylie had ruined her night. Kendall sulked during the whole dinner, dressed in a pair of sweats! On the other hand, Kylie was unfazed and had fun drinking with her family. Kendall even opted to stay in the car during the drag show.

Later, the two started screaming at each other when Kylie suddenly smacked Kendall. Kendall would have none of it, and she came back at her and struck her in the face. Kylie certainly could not leave it there because she took her heel and put it on Kendall’s neck. After weeks of not speaking to each other, the two finally reconnected and squashed their beef.

Credit: @kyliejenner

3. Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

Throughout the shows that this big family has graced us, many of Khloe’s fights have been with either Kim or Kourtney. This, however, does not mean that she hasn’t butted heads with Kylie. After Kylie and Kendall’s physical fight, Khloe absolutely refused to pick any side. This may not have sat well with Kylie because the star thought that Kendall had crossed a line and she had not.

During a night out at Kylie’s Galore cover release party, Khloe, Kendall, and Kourtney all came to support the make-up mogul, but there was just one bit of a problem. Kylie decided to ditch her sisters to go to a different club with her then-boyfriend Tyga. Khloe had a lot to say and was not afraid to let her small sister know.

Credit: @kyliejenner

4. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

These two beautiful icons may have the least feuds yet. With Kim constantly clashing with sisters Khloe and Kourtney and Kylie exchanging swipes with Kendall, the two rarely fight. However, Kim and Kylie had a tiny disagreement about the silliest thing ever. Star signs! I think we can all agree that Leos and Libras can all be good wives and best friends.

Credit: @kyliejenner

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