A Toy Design Actually Forced a Change to Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It’s kind of hard to believe that a toy design forced a change to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it did happen. The change came in the form of Kylo Ren’s personal attack craft that originally featured missile launchers on the underside of the ship. However, when the director received a toy depicting launchers on the sides of the ship’s wings, they had to change it in the film to stay true to the toy line. This is one of the problems that comes from toys being released a little too soon it would seem. The more intricate details need to be observed in such a way so that people don’t lose their minds over what’s canon and what’s not. Because at this point many people are already prepared to up and quit the franchise simply because of how TLJ went.

At this point I’m sitting back and wondering just how inane things have to get before people realize that some things really don’t matter as much as they think. The only issues that come with the difference in toys and the movies they belong to are typically superficial and aren’t noticed by a lot of the kids that play with them. But then again, there are those adults that want everything to be dead-on accurate and for some reason can’t cope when they’re not. The supposed diehard fans that will threaten to boycott the movie and sign a petition trying to get it kicked out of the official canon are the likely culprits that would see this as an egregious error.

They’re also the types that are, sometimes, still living at home with mom and dad because they spend way too much money for authentic collectibles since they’re THAT hardcore about it. Personally Star Wars is among my favorite stories ever, right there at the top where it belongs, but the accuracy of the toys, whether it’s noticeable or not, has never been much of a concern. Now if they were to call something like the Millennium Falcon a souped-up version of a TIE fighter I might look at the labeling a little funny but it still wouldn’t be enough to throw a tizzy about and demand that a change be made to the movies. The toys need to follow the example of the movies, not the other way around. Whenever it’s feasible for the filmmaker to share the needed information with the toy companies should be the moment when such details are revealed so that things can be created with accuracy and without needing to go back and edit the film simply because the placement of missile launchers on a single ship are not consistent between a vehicle in a movie and the toy version.

I’m still shaking my head at this since the idea of changing a movie because a toy was constructed differently than a single vehicle within the movie is kind of ridiculous. Obviously the director didn’t think so but I think people could have gotten over it.

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