The Top Uses of INXS Songs in Movies and Television

The Top Uses of INXS Songs in Movies and Television

Lucifer Season 4

Since the 1970’s INXS, formerly known as The Farriss Brothers, have been tearing up the charts and earning their way into the good graces of their fans. They’ve been featured in dozens of movies and TV shows and have been made extremely popular in the US for their sultry sound and infectious music. It’s easy to see why they are such a loved band though when men and women alike can so easily slip into the beat and become enraptured by it.

Here are just a few movies and TV shows that have made good use of their songs.

5. Devil Inside – Lucifer

Who knew the devil could get bored? From the talk of the legends and such you’d think he actually enjoyed his role at times since he gets to do pretty much whatever he wants and only has to worry over his heavenly father getting on his case now and then. His life sounds kind of like the average teenager but without the need for parental approval. And yet he isn’t the big bad boogeyman we’re all led to believe in the show, unless he’s displeased.

4. The Way Way Back – New Sensation

Duncan is that weird kid that you find out has a heart of gold once you get to know him. When he and his mom get to spend some time at a summer home with her less than friendly boyfriend and his obnoxious daughter Duncan’s got to find some way to enjoy his summer and what he finds is a place that he never wants to leave. Thankfully he finds a friend and a memory that he’ll want to keep for the rest of his life.

3. Hot Tub Time Machine – What You Need

When four friends plan a getaway to a ski resort that they enjoyed as kids some weird things start to happen when they somehow make their hot tub malfunction. Before they know it they’re transported back in time to the moment when their lives were changed, sending them on a course that would eventually lead them to their present lives. They have a chance to change things, but that’s not always the best idea.

2. One Tree Hill – Never Tear Us Apart

Being jilted at the altar is one thing, but being forced to realize that the woman you’re about to marry, BY the woman you’re about to marry is not the right one, it stings even worse. It means that you put your heart out there for the wrong woman to do with it what she will. In that case you need to learn to wake up and understand that she’s doing you a favor, not hurting you on purpose.

1. Coyote Ugly – I Need You Tonight

Want to get back at a guy for embarrassing you? Make him dance on a bar in front of a packed crowd of party-happy individuals. Kevin certainly got over his shyness quickly thank goodness, otherwise he might never have had the nerve to talk to Violet ever again after that. The funniest part however came at the end of the film when Violet managed to get her father up on the bar. Then the hilarity ensued.

INXS is one of the better bands of the 1990’s, but their sound is still easy and fun to listen to.


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