The Top Uses of 38 Special’s “Hold on Loosely” in Movies or TV

In 1981 38 Special came out with Hold On Loosely and for some reason it’s hard to find a lot of information about it that would be deemed completely true. It’s a great song that helped to define the 80’s and has appeared in a good number of movies and TV shows, but somehow it’s kind of hard to find out anything about it unless you happen to buy the album or read the band’s biography. Maybe that’s a sign to just enjoy the song.

It is a pretty good song.

5. Better Call Saul

Having already seen him from Breaking Bad and figured out just how tough he really and how mean he could be, Mike is about the last guy you’d want approaching your table. If he held you close and told you “I know it was you” I don’t think a lot of people would feel safe even if they were packing a weapon. He’s just a dangerous, scary guy that looks like he could mess someone up on basic principle and not feel bad about it.

4. 38 Special

Amazingly some people really didn’t like this song but still listened to no matter what when it came on. It’s kind of funny how people can say they hate something so bad and yet when it comes on they won’t change the station or even more to try and play something else. Ah well, maybe it’s the band they didn’t like and the song was tolerable. It can happen.

3. I Love the 80’s 3D


I know a lot of us remember the 80’s. Whether we liked the decade or not there was a lot about the 80’s that made it an interesting decade. Hold On Loosely wasn’t the most prominent part of the 80’s but it did help to kick the decade off since it was released in 1981. That’s when music was still music, original and raw, rather than sounding like it had come out of a synthesizer and had that cookie cutter feel to it. At least that’s how I see it.

2. Joe Dirt


I’ve written about Joe Dirt so much at this point that descriptions like upbeat and lovable loser are like second nature now. I’m still trying to recall just where this song came into this movie but I do know it’s there. It’s not at the end or the beginning but scrunched somewhere in the middle.

1. Without A Paddle

Hold On Loosely doesn’t feature in a lot of prominent films but it does show up in films that have an emotional attachment for a lot of people. Without A Paddle is about a trio of friends that go on an adventure to finish the quest that their deceased friend wanted them to take to find D.B. Cooper’s missing fortune. It’s a wild ride down river rapids, through a pot farm, escaping from two wild-eyed and heavily armed pot farmers, and back down a mountain in order to get home after realizing what really matters in their life was what they already had.

Just hold on loosely, and don’t let go.

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