Watch This 81 Year Old Man Absolutely Shredding Guitar

Watch This 81 Year Old Man Absolutely Shredding Guitar

Watch This 81 Year Old Man Absolutely Shredding Guitar

Don’t ever say that old folks can’t rock. This 81-year old grandpa showed without any doubt that the elderly can still jam when they want to. Just watching his fingers flying across the strings was too awesome for words but I’ll give it a shot. I have to believe that this man has been doing this for a while the way his hands move so perfectly and the way that he seems to know each note so well that he continues to go forward on this piece with the utmost confidence. I sincerely hope that jaws were agape and eyes were bugging out of skulls while listening to this, and that smiles were wide from ear to ear upon hearing that this grandpa could still make this look so easy and jam in such an awesome way.

Too many people think that being old and elderly means that one’s skills go completely by the wayside and are either forgotten or simply lost. That’s not true as you can see here. The capability of a person to remember something they’ve been doing for so long is almost never lost until the ability to form a cohesive thought is deemed as impossible. If the mind can’t work right then the body won’t work the way it should, but if the mind is still sharp and the muscle memory is there then it’s still possible to enjoy some of the things we loved to do when we were younger and had far more energy for our simple enjoyments.

Playing guitar is not the easiest thing in the world. I can remember trying to get into it twice and finding out that it wasn’t as simple as it looked. Your fingers need to toughen up in order to pluck the strings and you need to really pay attention to what you’re doing if you really want to get good at it. Some people have a natural aptitude for the guitar and can pick it up and start playing as though they’ve been playing it for years, while most others have to really try at it to get anywhere near good enough to start playing an actual song. But this grandpa seems to know his way around a guitar which leads me to believe that his fingers have known their way around more than one lady (a guitar) throughout his long life.

That muscle memory never really goes away so long as you get good at what you love and you love what you do. I would have liked to have been standing there watching as this gentleman skated his fingers up and down this guitar, I think the first question out of my mouth would be how long he’d played. It might seem like a tired and stupid question but it’s still something I’d want to know. That kind of memory that allows your fingers to do what they know how to do without any real thought is impressive, as a lot of musicians and writers would possibly attest to.

What, you think our fingers don’t learn the movements?

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