The Five Best Songs Used in 13 Reasons Why Season 3

The Five Best Songs Used in 13 Reasons Why Season 3

13 reasons Season 3

It’s kind of hard to pick the best songs from the third season of 13 Reasons Why since as Mansoor Mithaiwala from Screenrant has shown there are so many of them that simply flooded the season that picking from them and expecting everyone to agree is kind of tough. There are still people wondering just why this show is still on the air and others wondering how tragic it can continue to get until it’s topped itself out. At this point it’s hard to say really since the fallout from a suicide such as the one that kicked off the show is tough to gauge. Some might feel that the show is still depicting a very dangerous and irresponsible message, but it would appear that others have become numb to it or finally realized that it’s entertainment, morbid as that sounds, and is not to be taken as seriously as some think. In any case there was a veritable swarm of songs to pick from when looking at season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, and if people have been watching the show, which they obviously have, there’s been no real stop to the cascade of emotion that has continued to roll out.

Here are the five top songs from the season, in our opinion.

5. Swim Home – Cautious Clay

Gabrielle Leung from Hypebeast covered the release of this song as it was a collaboration with John Mayer that was said to be chiefly about love, which seems to place it squarely in the path of the show since love is still a theme after all this time, but it almost feels like something that’s been nearly drowned out. The show has had to evolve in a big way to stay on the air, but it’s done that in a manner that tends to carry with it a lot of baggage, which is likely by design and meant to make the viewer feel the continued turmoil that is bound to go on and on as the show seems to be dragging a bit on purpose just to simulate the continued emotions that are being spread.

4. Severed – The Decemberists

You definitely wouldn’t use the term ‘upbeat’ for this song, but it’s also not quite as depressing as a lot of this show seems to get at times. Instead it’s an anticipatory sound that seems to pervade the senses and makes it known that being aware is far preferable to simply keeping your head down and moving forward. In a way this almost feels as though it could be transported back to the 90s and be just as effective as it has a message that was felt just as much back then as it is now. Some might want to argue this point, but the honest truth is that it creates a feeling anxiety that is very pervasive and doesn’t go away when the music stops.

3. F*** I’m Lonely-Lauv ft. Anne Marie

There’s something quietly hopeful about this song that is felt from the opening seconds and yet at the same time seems almost pensive, as though it’s being hesitant in moving forward too quickly. So many of these songs seem to echo the feelings in the show in such a big way that it’s hard to say that any of them wasn’t given a great deal of thought before being selected for the show. This show is without a doubt depressing on many levels and it was likely meant to be, but for some odd reason there are also moments when the music and the message tries to be uplifting, but with a definite note of hesitancy that is felt throughout.

2. Die A Little – Yungblud

This is one of the perfect songs for a fade into black at the end of an episode as it brings to mind the hopelessness and the utter and bleak feelings of loss that are so sharp and unforgiving in this show. There’s not much room for any real positive feelings in this show since it’s built upon a premise that’s undeniably negative and is bound and determined to make a person increasingly sad with each new episode even if hope seems right around the corner. It seems to remind us that in this world it’s still an uncertainty that many of us live in, particularly when we’re still young. That’s one interpretation at least.

1. Teeth – 5 Seconds of Summer

Whitney Shoemaker of AltPress definitely seeks to build Teeth up as they launch into this somewhat trippy video that might make some people cock their head and wonder what’s going on.  In terms of the song and how it relates to the show however it does seem to mirror the overall feelings that are rampant within the main theme. The visuals might seem like something out of a Saw movie in some ways, but the overall feel of the music is definitely fitting for the popular Netflix show.

It’ll be interesting to see how and if 13 Reasons Why keeps going.

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