The Five Best Justin Moore Songs of His Career

Justin Moore seems like he’s had the standard-issue career that a lot of country singers might have upon realizing they want to break into the business. He started playing in a band in his junior year of high school and just kind of went from there as his music took over and he decided what he wanted to do. The move to Nashville came eventually and signing with a label became the priority as next on the list was becoming a big shot in the industry and someone that people would talk about when they heard him on the radio. So far he’s been doing just great on that front as he’s won all but one award that he’s been nominated for, meaning that people have responded nicely to his presence and seem to want him around. You might say that having been in the business for a decade now that this is where he should be, but some might argue that he’s either middle of the road or kind of behind when it comes to talent. At the very least he’s a stable performer that people have taken a liking to, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Here are five of his best songs to date.

5. Point At You

When I say things like standard experience it’s kind of a baseline to talk about individuals that haven’t really distinguished themselves from the pack that they’ve entered upon becoming famous, even though they’ve managed to pull ahead of many others in their search for fame and fortune. So far Moore is where he needs to be and has been enjoying the kind of success that isn’t quite the super-stardom of his peers, but is still impressive enough that he’s a name to be remembered since he’s miles above those singing for a few bucks at the local honkytonks. It’s a step in the right direction and he took it about a decade ago.

4. You Look Like I Need a Drink

His style is that of a guy that’s fully into the country experience but is still able to ingratiate himself to the new school country fans that want to hear something dynamic and a little more edgy than the old school songs that a lot of us grew up on. Things have to change after all as the years go on and musicians have to change with them in order to keep their fans happy. Moore is doing just that and he’s been coming up with tracks like this that aren’t exactly something you would have heard about in years past, but are perfect for this day and age. If nothing else he’s fun to listen to and a capable singer that enjoys what he’s doing.

3. Somebody Else Will

A lot of people like musicians because a lot of times they’re edgy, they operate on a different wavelength and they don’t have the same thought processes as a lot of people. This draws others in the same way that a flame draws moths, but in the case of country music it almost seems like a different creature altogether since the music is often a lot more upbeat than anything else. The assumptions that people draw about a certain genre though often mask the similarities that exist between them, as in country singers attract people much the same way rock stars do, but obviously those attracted often have very different lifestyles and ideals.

2. Til My Last Day

It’s hard to explain to someone that isn’t into country music why it’s so popular and why it touches people so much if they don’t like it at all. I’ll admit I was guilty of this for a long time until I found a few songs that I actually liked. Justin Moore might not be my own cup of tea but he’s got a good sound and a lot of charm in his voice that no doubt draws in a lot of people for a look at least. Those that truly like what he’s selling are no doubt his fans for a good long time since they tend to believe in what he’s saying and enjoy the way he’s saying it. Country music touches people in a different way but is still just as strong.

1. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away

The ability to sing a country song is constantly mocked by some people since a lot of the stories seem to revolve around something negative or kind of depressing. What people don’t seem to realize is that every genre dips into this pool and trying to state that one genre is more prone to it is kind of a silly argument to get into. Country is just another type of music that pulls from the same source and gives it back to the people in a different manner.

Justin Moore is doing it right.

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