Top NBC Executive Says Friends Revival Will Never Happen

Top NBC Executive Says Friends Revival Will Never Happen

In the wake of so many television shows that are participating in reboots or reunions, there have been a lot of fans who were hoping that their own favorite, Friends, would eventually be on the list. The show originally ran from 1994-2004 and was extremely popular during the time that it originally aired. In fact, it has maintained its popularity, even since the show went off the air, even though that has been a little more than 14 years ago.

Since so many other television shows are coming back, a lot of people thought it would only be a matter of time until this one took the same route. However, those fans had all their hopes dashed the other day when the executive of NBC, Bob Greenblatt, said that a reunion of this show would never happen. It doesn’t get much more direct than that. As a result of his comments, most fans finally came to the realization that their hopes of a reunion of Friends will never come to fruition. Instead, they will be forced to watch reruns of the show and then use their own imaginations to think about where those characters might eventually end up.

Naturally, this left a lot of individuals who love the show wondering what the problem was. After all, if other television shows of a similar nature can come back and be successful, why couldn’t this one? The truth is, it really doesn’t come down to the show’s ability to be successful, nor does it come down to the network’s desire to make it so. In fact, many people speculate that the executives at NBC have been trying to get a reunion of Friends for years, with little or no success.

Obviously, that only leaves one other place to look. As much as fans might not want to admit it, it really comes down to the fact that most of the actors involved don’t want to do a reunion. Some of them, like Matt LeBlanc, have stated this directly. As far as his own desire to leave things the way they are, he said that the show was designed to be about people who are just coming into adulthood and getting on their own two feet. Therefore, he thought it would be awkward to do a reunion when these same characters are now much older. It’s likely that many of the other actors also felt the same way.

While no one can confirm or deny that every person that starred on the show feels the same distaste for doing a reunion as LeBlanc, it’s obvious that a reunion is just not in the cards. Clearly, there are enough actors that don’t think it’s a good idea to prevent it from happening. Fans may not want to hear this, but that is just the way it is with this particular show. Who knows, maybe it’s really better to just leave things alone and let fans imagine their favorite characters the way they would like to see them.

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