The Top Five Uses of Reba McEntire Songs in Movies or TV

Reba Mcentire has been singing and performing since high school. As a matter of fact she was singing the national anthem at a rodeo when she was discovered and eventually brought to Nashville where her career almost instantly started to blossom and take off like a rocket. She’s recorded around 40 hit singles and close to 30 albums if I’m up on my information, and also went into movies around the 1990’s. Most recently she’s been the star of her own sitcom and has been killing it for a while. There’s not a lot that Reba hasn’t done in her career and she’s been great at everything she has done. Some call her the Queen of Country even though that label seems to be shared by a few exceptionally talented ladies including herself, but seeing as how Reba has been an inspiration for so many she’d likely share that title just as a way to honor the genre and the people that have gone before and come after.

She’s definitely a class act and a great performer.

5. American Idol-Does He Love You

You know a person is a special kind of somebody when another celebrity talks them up in this manner and calls them their own inspiration. Kelly Clarkson was the first American Idol winner ever and as a means of bringing Reba on stage the words she speaks, in her own backyard so to speak, are no doubt some of the most heartfelt and sincere that anyone has ever uttered on that stage.

4. Maverick-Amazing Grace

This is a choir effort with a lot of different voices from the greats and the legendary singers of the genre, but Reba establishes herself quite nicely by breaking out in a brief solo before the rest of the choir chimes in. The movie was more of a solo effort despite the fact that Jodie Foster and James Garner were supposed to be a little more present within their own scenes. But it was Gibson’s movie without a doubt.

3. 8 Seconds-If I Had Only Known

Bull riding is a dangerous sport that sometimes makes no sense at all, especially since unlike other sports the bull doesn’t really recognize the whistle or any other signal when it’s supposed to be over. In this film Lane Frost is shown ascending to the toughest, and last, ride of his life. It’s a strange sport that takes these kinds of risks and offers little back in return but the rush. But hey, it’s a way of life to some.

2. Reba Mcentire-Going Out Like That

The woman is class personified. She’s glamorous, she’s got an awesome voice, and she’s one of the most humble stars you might ever meet. As a country singer there aren’t really a whole lot of people that can match her tune for tune, but there are those that are at least her peers and can fully appreciate what she brings to the stage, be it a concert or a movie.

1. Tremors-Why Not Tonight

This was a fun movie no matter what anyone says. She got to play a role in the movie and sing one of the songs on the soundtrack so that’s kind of a bonus. Plus the fact that she plays a gun-loving survivalist and she and her onscreen husband have an entire armory in their rec room is just too cool.

Reba Mcentire is indeed a Queen of Country.

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