The Top Uses of the Doobie Brothers “Listen to the Music” in Movies or TV

Listen to the Music by the Doobie Brothers was featured on the band’s second album, Toulouse Street, and was released in 1972. It’s basically about just kicking back and forgetting all the nonsense that goes on in the world and just opening your ears to the music and the rhythm that’s waiting for you to listen up. It’s been featured prominently in many shows and movies throughout the years and has remained one of the most popular songs ever released by the Doobie Brothers. The song kind of reminds me of a warm summer day when nothing else matters but the good company and the good music that can be had and the need to just let go of all your worries and be glad to be alive.

It’s that kind of laid back, and it’s nice.

5. The Doobie Brothers

This song was actually hard to find in a lot of clips even though it’s listed as being in quite a few different movies and TV shows. The most prominent of them however are the live shows that people tended to flock to when they were at the height of their popularity. There’s a part of me that wishes I would have been around back then so that I could have attended a single concert.

4. Bottle Shock

In a time when all good wine was considered to come from France it was eventually discovered that there were superior wines yet to be discovered in the as of yet discovered Napa Valley. By the time the film concludes it’s been decided that not only can California produce quality wine, but that it is superior to anything in France. That no doubt came as a shock to a lot of the world.

3. Riding In Cars With Boys

It’s hard to know what to do when you’re still young and don’t want to take the advice of anyone around you. It’s even harder when you try to lay the blame of what your life has become on anyone and everyone else, including your own family. In the end it becomes necessary to realize the consequences of your actions, and to realize just what it is that makes your life what it is.

2. Joe Dirt

I know the song is in this movie and I know just what scene it is, but finding it has been insanely difficult. The moment I’m thinking of is a nice summer day when Joe, Brandy, and Charlie are all out playing in the barn and having a good time. That seems to be one of the only real, genuinely good moments in the film when Joe is completely at peace.

1. Sing

It’s a surprise to learn that the song was in this film but it isn’t at the same time. Sing featured a lot of different songs and made them all work to some degree for the film. It was a surprisingly cute and touching movie about reaching for one’s dreams and not giving in until they become realized.

Just listen to the music, all the time.


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