The Top Five Slurpees Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Slurpees Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Slurpees Scenes in Movies

Ah the Slurpee. It’s sweet, cool on a hot summer’s day, and downright tasty, and on top of that it’s a decent prop in a lot of different movies. It might make only a token appearance but there are movies than you might figure that have made the Slurpee work for them in one form or another. It’s such a simple refreshment really, a bunch of shaved ice that’s drowned one flavored syrup or another. I’m sure there’s more to it at this point but to be honest I still enjoy a good Slurpee now and again and if I found out what all was really in it I likely wouldn’t touch things ever again. Sometimes bliss does come from not asking.

So long as it only comes every once in a while I suppose.

5. Ready to Rumble

This entire movie is like one big jab at wrestling fans in general since it shows them as individuals that really don’t have a full grasp on life and will do just about anything to keep their heroes on the shaky pedestals they’ve created for them. The Sugar Slush, perhaps Slurpee wouldn’t give up the rights to use their name, is just another version of the favorite cool treat. But if it smells like someone’s butt do yourself a favor and don’t sniff it again.

4. Encino Man

This is the basic teenager’s food group pyramid, at least those that were never really raised with anything fresh or even remotely healthy. I’m not sure what food group the Slurpee would fit under but I do get the feeling that it wouldn’t be the fruit group. Did you also notice how Link’s shirt got liberally hit with the sweet concoction and yet is perfectly clean when he drops the Terminator line on his way out?

3. Inside Out

A lot of us, if not all of us, have likely experienced this more than once in our lives. When you get a serious brain freeze going everything just stops. You don’t have the time to wonder how stupid it was to drink the dang thing so fast, all you can do is try to withstand the intense cold that comes from having drank it too quickly. I can imagine that it might be something like this as your entire brain just seems to solidify for a moment.

2. Dumb and Dumber Too

This is such a dirty trick but it’s also one of the best uses of a Slurpee in a movie that I had to put it in. If a guy that doesn’t like you tries to show you a new game that requires you to take your eyes off of him for even a moment it might be a bad idea. Of course with guys like Harry and Lloyd any chance to do something that sounds like fun might be grounds enough to forget everything else but the need to have a little fun. The worse part is that after they get the Slurpee down their pants they keep playing the game.

1. Dumb and Dumber

So yes, those are Big Gulps in the guys’ hands when Lloyd talks to them. But there’s nothing to say that they didn’t fill them up with a Slurpee. Have you ever held a Big Gulp? Those things hold WAY more than the average Slurpee cup. You can get your Slurpee on in a much bigger way with a Big Gulp.

Well shoot, now I’ve got a craving for a Slurpee. How about you?

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