Why Lady Sif Deserves Her Own Solo Series or Movie

Why Lady Sif Deserves Her Own Solo Series or Movie

Sif has been a part of the Marvel universe for so long it’s not much wonder why anyone would think that she’s a big part of the Norse legends that Thor and the rest of his entourage were taken from. The truth is that Sif isn’t really mentioned that often in the old Norse legends apart from being the wife of Thor and due to the time when Loki cut off her golden locks, not black, and had to petition the dwarves to make her a golden headpiece. In the comics, the reason for her hair turning black was created from the idea that Loki didn’t pay the dwarves and as a result the hair, well, turned black. When it comes to myths and legends one either has to take what they can get or create a reason that certain things happen, and this is how it happened according to Marvel. But another big difference is that in the Norse legends, Sif was never portrayed as a warrior, while in Marvel she’s been a badass for decades now. Seriously, she was one of the strong and independent women that people have been crowing about that supposedly didn’t exist a while back. 

The truth is that Marvel has been able to bring several strong women into being, and Sif is one of the strongest since as an Asgardian she’s a trained warrior, and as someone that hangs around with Thor and the Warriors Three, she has to be extra tough in order to take on some of the same threats they deal with. But after her appearance in Thor: The Dark World and Agents of SHIELD she’s gone MIA for a while, and it’s interesting to think of what she might have been doing. There are thoughts that she might have been banished by Loki when he was masquerading as Odin since the Warriors Three were killed by Hela. It’s possible that had Jamie Alexander been in Thor: Ragnarok that she too would have fallen, but now it’s possible that we’ll find out what she was up to during that time.

She is coming back for Thor: Love & Thunder, and it’s interesting to think that her feelings for Thor might still be there since it’s been obvious that Sif has been pining for Thor since Jane entered the picture. But perhaps a solo series or movie could take place that might show the fans what Sif was doing during Ragnarok, and perhaps how she ended up realizing that Asgard had been destroyed. That could make for a tragic but interesting story since one can only imagine what she might think of the stories that Thor has to tell her concerning the destruction of their home, about Hela, and about the Infinity War. That would also be a good question to ask, whether Lady Sif had been snapped away with so many others, or if she had to wander the universe trying to figure out what was going on. There are a few different ideas that could be used for this particular character since she’s far more interesting than she’s being given credit for, and is much tougher than has been revealed. 

After all, in the first Thor movie, she was one of those to stand up to the Destroyer and live to tell about it. She even managed to incapacitate the guardian for a few seconds before it came back to life and nearly immolated her. There’s no denying that Sif is a tough individual and more resourceful than she’s been given credit for, and could be the subject of a series or a movie that might finally do her justice. In the comics, she was shown now and then and had an arc here or there that meant a little more than her usual appearances, but a lot of the time she was someone that was shown primarily when Thor was around, or when Asgard was a part of the story arc. Showing her off as her own character feels like it would be a great idea since out of all the women in Asgard she was one of the toughest and no doubt one of the craftiest as well when it came to handling herself in a fight. 

A lot of the time it does feel that she was overshadowed by those around her, but if Sif were given the opportunity to shine it might be kind of interesting to see what she might be able to do on her own. It might even be kind of revealing to see that she might be a great addition to the MCU in a much bigger capacity than she’s been. It’s an idea at least, and one that hopefully those at the MCU are kicking around a bit to see if it sticks. 

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