Top Five Moments From The Better Call Saul Season 6 Trailer

Next month, Better Call Saul will drop the sixth and final season of the spectacular character study on the shadiest lawyer in the world, Saul Goodman. With so many emotions running high going into the last season, this list will focus on the five best moments in the trailer highlighting the upcoming season of the Breaking Bad prequel.

Nacho Looking Out A Peep Hole

Nacho is in deep trouble.  Lalo hasn’t exactly confirmed that Nacho is one of the reasons for the group of assassins set to kill him, but he noticed the absence of Gus’s right-hand man. Lalo is on a warpath and it will likely start with Nacho. The mole has always been a neutral character. He’s working for Gus and Tuco, so Nacho’s not exactly a good guy, but he has a sympathetic story that puts him in the anti-hero realm. The more interesting part of the Lalo/Nacho story is that neither man is in Breaking Bad. That means we don’t know their fate, which makes their upcoming arc even more exciting due to the unknown outcome. We haven’t seen Tuco in a while; Will he make an appearance in the final season? There are so many avenues that Vince Gilligan can explore and all of them are exciting. Even the shots that seem to indicate the battle between Lalo and Nacho look great: Nacho hiding in a car with two guns in his hand while showcasing fear and the multiple bullets flying in the air from an unknown male. The final season will hopefully send Better Call Saul off with a bang, and the Lalo/Nacho story will likely be one of the reasons it will.

Kim and Jimmy’s Conversation About Being Wicked

Kim has turned to the dark side. Ms. Wexler has helped Jimmy in the past, but Saul’s lifestyle apparently has a negative effect because Kim is now involved in Saul Goodman’s world. Like Lalo and Nacho, Kim is nowhere to be seen in Breaking Bad, so it creates a compelling air of mystery over what’s lies for Goodman’s girlfriend. Will Kim Wexler become a casualty because of Saul Goodman’s dirty deeds? Or could she simply walk away? Given the world that’s she involved in, that scenario likely won’t happen, but that’s the beauty of Kim’s story, we simply don’t know her fate. Kim asking Jimmy whether they’re wicked highlights the moral complexity of these characters. Kim is a good person, who has good intentions, but she’s now blinded by the truth because she’s caught up in Saul’s world. It should be one hell of a ride to see how Vince explores that narrative, though hopefully, Ms. Wexler’s fate doesn’t go down a grim pack that it seems destined to.

Jimmy Looks Unease In Bed

Jimmy’s world is a huge mess. He may have had a close call with Lalo Salamanca, but he still has to deal with the shady characters that can cut his throat at any minute. However, this worrisome may actually be for Kim, who’s now been sucked down the dark hole with Jimmy. Interestingly enough, Kim is sleeping like a baby next to Jimmy. Obviously, we don’t particularly know what this scene means, but the juxtaposition between both characters emotions paints a moral story that’s likely going to end up bad for both characters. Jimmy will live on in season six, but that doesn’t mean his world won’t be burn with the people he loves caught in the fire.

Howard In A Dark Room

You didn’t think that was the end of Howard, did you? It appears that the douchebag lawyer is going after Mr. Goodman himself. Howard has never been a bad guy, but you always understood why Jimmy didn’t like him. Howard was in the middle of Chuck and Jimmy’s feud, and was the mastermind behind Chuck’s early retirement. Hamlin & McGill wasn’t in a good spot during season five, and his relationship with Jimmy certainly didn’t get better. Kim and Jimmy have something sinister in mind for Mr. Hamlin, but it may appear that Howard has got something on him. There’s so much fascinating layers surrounding season six and this just add more tension to already complex narrative. Gilligan is throwing everything and the kitchen sink towards Jimmy/Goodman, and though we know that he’ll live on in this prequel, it should be interesting to see how his world crumbles around him.

Two Girls In A Hotel Room Scared Out Their Minds

This is an unknown moment in the trailer. These two petrified girls don’t seem to have any relation to the characters in the series, or do they? Could they be related to Nacho? Is the shadowy figure Lalo, who’s trying to figure out where the mole is? Or is this apart of a dark story that involves prostitution or human trafficking? There’s so many ways that this moment can go and the crazy thing is, it may not have much significance to the overall story. The moment highlights the dark and violent world of Better Call Saul, and despite the intriguing layers within it, this is not a happy place to be in.

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