The Top Five Memorable Moments from Stranger Things Season 2

The Top Five Memorable Moments from Stranger Things Season 2

The Top Five Memorable Moments from Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things 2 came out on October 27, which put it at the perfect time for Halloween. The second season of the sci-fi horror series had more than its fair share of memorable moments, which have contributed much to its positive reception by Netflix subscribers.

Here are 5 of the most memorable moments from Stranger Things 2:

The Reveal of New Psychic Powers

The opening of the second season revealed that there is a wider range of psychic powers in the Stranger Things setting than what we knew existed. Simply put, Kali made it seem as though she had caused a tunnel collapse to stop her pursuers, but as it turned out, the whole thing was a hallucination planted in the cop’s mind. Psychic powers are nothing new in Stranger Things, but this particular kind of psychic power was revealed in this moment, thus making for an excellent start to the new season by making it course that much more unpredictable and thus that much more unsettling. Of course, there is the matter of there being more than one person like Eleven, which is perhaps unsurprising considering her initial name.

Will’s Possession

Given Will’s experiences from Season One, it was to be expected that there would be some sort of lasting impact on him. However, his possession by the shadow monster was unexpected. Some of the resulting moments are simple and straightforward but nonetheless effective, while others were more subtle in nature but no less chilling, as shown by how Will comes to understand more and more of the shadow monster’s intentions.

Barb Is Not Forgotten

From the start, it is made clear that Barb has not been forgotten, as shown by her parents hiring a investigative journalist to find out what is going on as well as Nancy’s internal struggles with her inability to tell the unbelievable truth. However, Barb does manage to get a measure of justice by the end of the season through Nancy’s actions, while her parents manage to get a measure of closure from her funeral even if her death is attributed to a made-up cause.

Eleven Discovering Her Birth Name

Season 2 revealed Eleven’s birth name of Jane Ives to not just her but also the viewers. It turns out that she was kidnapped at around the time of her birth from her birth mother Terry Ives before being subjected to the process of experimentation that has turned her into who she is in the present. The learning of her background can seem like a simple thing, but sometimes, something very simple can be very profound, particularly when a person knows as little about their past as Eleven.

Dustin Discovers D’Artagnan’s True Nature

Making pets of wild animals tends to be an awful idea, one that becomes that much more so in the sci-fi horror setting of Stranger Things. For proof, look no further than Dustin learning of the true nature of his new pet D’Artagnan when it eats the family cat, thus showing it to be nothing less than a baby Demogorgon.

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