The Top Five Jerry Van Dyke TV Roles of His Career

Hollywood has lost another talented actor and comedian since Jerry Van Dyke passed away just a few days back. The younger brother of legend Dick Van Dyke, Jerry was born in 1931 and officially entered show business around 1962. Before that he was in the United States Air Force where he also performed on occasion and became well known for his comedic act. It was said that he struggled for a lot of years in the shadow of his older brother but quite honestly I believe that Jerry made his own way in the world and did his own thing, not in spite of his brother but more or less with Dick’s help now and again to make inroads towards his own career.  The fact that Dick had him on his own show more than once showed that he at least thought he had promise, or that someone did, and their faith was well-founded.

The older actors are starting to pass on, let’s hope the younger generations are ready to keep the act going.

5. The Middle

He got to star with his brother again for a brief period on this show and it was comic gold since it depicted them fighting like cats and dogs at one minute and getting along as they sang a song together the next. Whatever was between the Van Dyke brothers is kind of hard to tell without having been around them, but the fact remains that they were special act when together.

4. Yes, Dear

As he got older you could kind of see how he started to slip and flub his lines just a bit here and there but overall he was still funny and was able to entertain. His health had been deteriorating slightly over the years though he’d still seemed healthy and hale at many points in his life as he’d continued to bring his brand of entertainment to the screen in the best way he knew how.

3. The Judy Garland Show

Even as a younger man he was very funny with the type of humor that made some people look at him in a funny manner before going about their way. At this point I can’t help but wonder just what those on the Judy Garland show thought of her or were like to her when the cameras were off. After all Garland had something of a dark past that was hard to look beyond.

2.  The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited

If you didn’t think this was going to make the list then you were fooling yourself since there’s no way an appearance on the Dick Van Dyke Show would be missed out on when it comes to the two brothers. Since he was on the show as a younger man it would only be fitting to put him on the show as an older man after all. And yes, his character was just as playfully obnoxious as he was in the beginning.

1. Coach

There was no doubt that this clip would make it. Luther was one of the best parts of Coach and despite his goofiness and inability to do anything right at times he’s a big part of what made the show.

You’re already missed sir. Rest in peace.

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