10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bello Nock

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bello Nock

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bello Nock

A career as a clown sounds almost as funny as clowns themselves. However, it’s very possible and Bello Nock is proof. Bello isn’t your average clown, though. He isn’t the type to pull up to a birthday party and and twist up some balloon animals. He is a talented dare devil who has traveled the world with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Traveling Circus. Bello is known for his performance skills which clearly run in the family. He and his daughter have recently made headlines as contestants on the current season of America’s Got Talent and viewers are excited to watch them put on an unforgettable show. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Bello Nock.

1. He’s Been In The Guinness Book Of World Records

In the circus world, Bello Nock is one of the best at what he does. His talents have earned him lots of accolades throughout the years including a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. The act that got him featured in the book was walking on a high wire over a cruise ship.

2. He Comes From A Long Line Of Circus Performers

Being a circus performer is essentially the family business for the Nocks. He is a 7th generation performer whose family immigrated to the United States from Switzerland. His ancestors founded Switzerland’s famous Circus Nock which was the country’s oldest circus before shutting down in 2019 after 158 years.

3. He’s Competed On America’s Got Talent In The Past

America’s Got Talent fans may feel like Bello Nock looks a little familiar. That’s because this isn’t the first time he’s been featured on the show. He also auditioned in 2017 but was eliminated during the judge’s cuts. His daughter auditioned the following year but was also eliminated. Now by performing together, the two are hoping to have more success.

4. His Faith Is Very Important To Him

Clowns and christianity aren’t two words that people tend to think of in the same sentence, but both words describe aspects of Bello Nock’s life. He is a born again Christian and faith is important in everything he does. He was raised Catholic but is now nondenominational. Bello cites almost getting into a car accident as the moment he decided to give his life to the Lord.

5. He’s A YouTuber

The type of stunts Bello Nock does are perfect for viral internet content, so it’s only right that he have a YouTube channel where he can post videos of the cool things he does. His channel only has 733 subscribers at the moment, but his videos have gotten a total of more than 26,000 views. He previously had another channel but hasn’t posted anything on it in six years.

6. He’s A Grandfather

Bello Nock is a very family oriented person who loves spending time with his loved ones. He is happily married and has four children and one granddaughter. Based on what he does for work, there’s no doubt that Bello Nock is one of the coolest grandparents in the world. His daughter Annaliese seems to be the only one of his children who has decided to follow in his daredevil footsteps.

7. He Lives In Florida

Although his family’s roots date back to Switzerland, Bello Nock is a resident of Sarasota, Florida where has lived for many years. Sarasota is located about an hour south of Tampa which makes it easy for Bello to get to the Florida State Fairgrounds to perform when the circus is in town.

8. He Considers Himself A “Comic Daredevil”

Despite not having the stereotypical look, most people refer to Bello Nock as a clown. However, he prefers to think of himself as a comic daredevil. He says, “I was born and bred and taught by the bravest daredevils, but I love making people laugh, so I’m naturally a clown, in or out of makeup.”

9. He’s Active On Social Media

All the people who were impressed with Bello Nock’s performances will be happy to know that he is very active on social media. In addition to his YouTube channel he has accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Following him on social media will also give you a cool glimpse into his personal life.

10. He Was Voted One Of The Best Entertainers By Time Magazine

On top of being featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, Bello Nock’s talents have also been recognized by Time Magazine. In 2001, he was included in the publication’s list of America’s Best Artists and Entertainers. The magazine gave him the distinction of “America’s Best Clown”.

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