10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dylan Barbour

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dylan Barbour

Dylan Barbour

If opportunity does not come knocking on your door, then you have to make a door and be optimistic that this time the door will be found. That can be said of Dylan Barbour who was on “The Bachelorette” hoping to win Hannah’s heart. He is quite a charmer, and now we are expecting to see him hook up with the ladies in “Bachelor in Paradise.” Besides his gorgeous looks and likeable personality, Cosmopolitan has enlightened us with a few more facts about the 24-year-old.

1. He is passionate about fitness

Passion drives most of us to start a business, and it is the case with Dylan, whose drive for fitness led him to co-found Vizer. They have an app to help make excellent health attainable. He is the COO of the company which he co-founded with his cousin Sam, who also happens to be the CEO. The fact that he still enjoys some pickup basketball is evidence of his determination to remain fit.

2. He wants to carve a career in finance

Dylan is ambitious and wants finance to be his means of earning a living. After graduating from college, he sought out a job in the Investment Division at Morgan Stanley. Dylan then proceeded to enroll for his CFA level 1, and so far, Dylan has passed the first two levels. He is now waiting to sit for the final level of the CFA exams. CFA levels can take a minimum of 2.5 to 4 years, and since Dylan was ready to spend that much time undertaking the exams, it is no doubt that he has an interest in the investment field.

3. His interest in Hannah Godwin is obvious

Love is like a cough; you cannot hide it, and Dylan may not come out clean with his feelings for Hannah. However, the way he talks about her is more than enough evidence to have us concluding the love bug has bitten him. Dylan went rumbling on about how attractive and beautiful Hannah is and was regretful that people never got a chance to see the kind of person that she is on “The Bachelor.” According to TV Show Ace, the man continued talking about how excited he is to spend some time with her. So maybe he already has something in store for her, but we will have to wait and see if Hannah feels the same way.

4. He prefers the company of women

Most men love hanging out with the boys, whether it is at the bar, shooting hoops or playing video games. For some reason, Dylan would rather spend his free time with the ladies, according to Bustle. No woman wants to hear the excuse that you were late for a dinner date because one of your girlfriends needed help with their car. Therefore, we hope that Hannah Godwin is not the jealous type, and she better be ready to accommodate more women in Dylan’s life.

5. He is smart

There was a time when our parents kept telling us to work hard in school because education was the key to our success. However, nowadays going to school does not guarantee a prosperous future, but that did not stop Dylan from putting efforts into his studies. Dylan attended Williams College and graduated in 2016 after majoring in English and literature and minoring in leadership studies. Williams College is a highly-rated private institution. Any student looking to be admitted needs a GPA of 4.05 or higher, failure to which your SAT score should be excellent.

6. He is charitable

We have always been told to be charitable and give, not because we have a lot but because it is good to assist those in need no matter how small the amount. Besides, it will come back to you in unexpected ways. Dylan is one of the few people with a kind heart, and now that he launched the Vizer App to help people work out, he also aims to donate food to those in need through a local food bank.

7. He is close to his parents

You cannot be with your parents every time, but you can carry them with you wherever you go. While most of us prefer to have them in our hearts, Dylan carries them on his body through a heart with roses tattoo on his chest, representing his mother and father. Unfortunately, his father passed away after succumbing to cancer, but one thing that Dylan has not forgotten is his advice regarding marriage. Dylan’s father advised him to marry the woman who will accept him at his absolute worst.

8. He is not afraid to show off his body

Of course when someone compares you to Zac Efron, then chances are that your confidence will go up significantly as it has with Dylan. On his Instagram, most of his photos are either shirtless or in shorts meaning he is not afraid to flaunt his hairy legs or tattooed chest. There is even a time we got to see him in his underwear when Hannah had the guys compete in Mr Right pageant. Dylan laid it all out for Hannah to see, and he thanked her on his Instagram for pushing him out of his comfort zone.

9. He believes in true love

When those you fall in love with keep letting you down, it is easy to conclude that true love does not exist and that people enjoy hurting each other. However, Dylan has not given up on finding his true love despite not ending up with a rose from Hannah Brown in “The Bachelorette.” Now that he will be on “Bachelor in Paradise,” Dylan is hoping that one woman will check all the boxes and become the soulmate he has been looking for, for so long.

10. He has always been athletic

Dylan’s great body is most probably from his active days back in high school. While his peers were most probably chasing after the sorority queen and cheerleaders, Dylan was busy working on his body. While at Chadwick High School, he was on track, field, lacrosse and football as revealed on Heavy.

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