The Top Five Jean Claude Van Damme Fight Scenes in Movies

Some of Jean Claude Van Damme’s best fight scenes are the stuff of cinema legend, but because of the poor showing of his films throughout the years he’s not only been labeled as a fake, but as a poor actor. Behind the scenes he’s been called everything imaginable but the fact remains that the guy puts on a good show and should at least be recognized for it. Plus, he’s not a fake if you really look. Now I know that you can’t trust everything on the internet but you can at least trust corroborating stories that the man has been a practitioner of the martial arts since he was 12 years old. He does happen to know what to do and how to make it look real vs. making it look the way Hollywood wants it to.

He’s an actor on top of everything, so of course he’s going to be over the top.

5. Hard Target

Chance is the kind of guy that normally just wants to be left alone and do this own thing, but he’s also the kind of person that can’t let injustice go without having his say. Plus, he’s kind of a ladies man so when a woman’s in trouble he’s bound to come running if he’s in the area. That being said, he’s not afraid to throw down if that’s what it’s going to take.

4. Double Impact

JCVD seems to like playing against Bolo Yeung since this is at least the second movie they starred in together. For his own part Bolo seems to get into it. This is a guy that’s been around since Bruce Lee was rocking the game in Enter  the Dragon. The fact that he’s been seen more than once in a JCVD movie is evidence that he was still more than interested in showing off his skills again.

3. Universal Soldier

The idea of this movie was great, but the execution was kind of poor. The best fight in the film however was between the two main characters that kicked it off to begin with. These two supercharged warriors from a bygone era tearing it up was awesome back in the day, especially before Luc took the serum that so instantaneously made him just as strong and durable as Scott. “Well that’s the spirit soldier!”

2. Kickboxer: Vengeance

There’s a reason I picked this fight over that of the original Kickboxer. For one it shows JCVD fighting in a much smarter manner, as an older man would. A fight would typically belong to a younger man with the stamina and the strength to go on. But sapping that strength through simple yet powerful movements is a very effective way to make sure that the younger man is forced to expend more energy just to keep getting back up. Then it’s anyone’s game.

1. Bloodsport

I could have gone with the Chong Li fight but I always liked this one the best. I mean come on, who in the world just asks you to kick them full force in the side? Broken or bruised ribs, possible organ damage, and a body that’s sore to the tough is all anyone could expect. But Frank Dux just trades kick after kick with Paco until he sends the man reeling to the mat.

His fights were pure Hollywood, but his skill was at least well-earned.

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