The Five Best Jamie Chung Movies of Her Career

It’d be interesting to see just how many people remember that Jamie Chung started out on The Real World in season 14 and evolved to what it is now. That’s right, she used to be a reality TV star and has since then gone on to have a pretty stable career on the big and small screens since she’s managed to land a few roles here and there with some very big-name projects. While she’s usually a supporting actress or an extra of some sort Jamie is also quite noticeable since she does carry a presence about her that’s not easy to deny and is able to get her the kind of attention any actor needs when trying to up their reputation. She’s been fairly busy as of late and has continued to gain in prominence and in reputation as her career is still moving steadily forward and could experience an upswing at some point.

Here are the five best movies from her career.

5. Sucker Punch

When talking about modern fantasies this movie really needs a mention since not only does it play to the sex symbol fantasy but it takes things to a different level by providing insane scenes that are being mirrored in the real life but delivered to the audience in an amazing display of special effects and acting that’s not entirely perfect but definitely good enough.  Given that the ladies are all institutionalized and trying to find a way to escape the story is designed in a way that makes it insanely exciting and a lot more amenable to those that want to see a totally out of control story rather than another Girl, Interrupted.

4. Grown Ups

It might have been nice to see the women that Rob Schneider’s character hooked up with to produce his oldest two daughters in this movie just to get an idea of how a guy that looks like him could possibly help to create two very attractive women. Her part wasn’t all that big in this movie but it did play into a few very comedic moments that allowed it to be seen as hilarious since looking at Rob and then looking at the girls, both looks and height, one can imagine that it would be very hard to think that he had anything to do with bringing them into the world. But hey, stranger things have happened after all.

3. The Man with the Iron Fists

One of the most enticing parts about this movie comes during the moment when the ladies that work in the brothel prove that they’re every bit as dangerous since they strike when their opponents are most vulnerable and don’t have the capacity to fight back. When they strike there’s no warning and no chance of survival since their sting is able to incapacitate and kill pretty much anyone, aside from Dave Bautista’s character since the brass body he possesses is a bit impervious to anything that’s not capable of dealing out a massive amount of damage. This movie was entertaining at the very least and didn’t seek to defy expectations.

2. Big Hero 6

Something about Gogo is just too much fun since she’s obviously feminine but she’s tough as nails as well and has a very no-nonsense attitude that says she’s proud of being a woman and bound to let everyone know it. Just look at her catchphrase, ‘woman up’, when she really gets going, and you can tell that this is a character that you’d be able to rely on in just about any situation. That plus the fact that she’s a genius are both high marks in her favor as an animated character, and the fact that she’s just one part of a super team that each have their own skills and tech is even better. This was actually a very well put-together movie.

1. The Hangover II

What’s funny about the Hangover movies is that as depressing as they can appear at times, and they do get a little depressing when you think about them realistically, their humor comes from just letting everything go and admitting that it’s all nuts and it’s all bound to fly off the hook at any given second. The introduction of Leslie Chow is of course one reason why, but Alan is another reason since between the two of them the other guys in the Wolf Pack don’t really stand a chance since they’re almost always going to try and make Alan feel welcome and will be coerced into one party after another. Let’s hope that there’s not a fourth one in the works though since at this point all the guys are married and you would think that it might be time to finally settle down just a bit.

She’s had her moments throughout her career where she shines, and she has a lot of time to keep shining.

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