Spider-Man: Far From Home Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Far from Home

For as much as fans love Tom Holland as Spider-Man you’d almost think that Sony wouldn’t bother thinking about just yanking him out of the MCU without getting a tingle of their own that it might have been a bad idea. As of now though it does sound like Spider-Man is coming back to the MCU for at least one more hurrah. Honest Trailers is great since it tends to ask the questions that people do tend to ask but in a way that makes it a lot of fun to laugh and even roar hilariously about since it makes so much sense when you hear it from someone else. Spider-Man: Far From home was a pretty decent movie if you watched it just for the action and for part of the story line, but overall it was kind of able to deliver a lot of oomph without a lot of story to back it up throughout the entire length. In the wake of Tony Stark/Iron Man ending his arc in the MCU though it was almost something that we should have expected since he had such a huge impact on so many lives.

It is a little bit insulting in a way to think that anyone thought that bringing Mysterio in and trying to make him look like the good guy for any length of time was going to fool anyone. This character has been a bad guy since he showed up on the scene and that hasn’t changed, EVER. He’s made it pretty plain that he’s there to cause some mayhem and this movie wasn’t really able to mask this idea all that well, especially from the Spider-Man fans that have been with the wallcrawler for decades now. The enemies of Spidey are pretty obvious most times and when it comes to being his ally they’re still fairly ambivalent at times since that longstanding history between hero and villain is kind of hard to simply erase. But in the era of the MCU things are changing in a big way and it would seem that the directors of each movie simply want us to accept the fact that their story is what’s canon now and that it will work out the way they want. Um, yeah, no. People are still going to be leery of a villain teaming up with a hero for anything other than necessity considering that there’s simply too much back story on anyone they bring in to really believe the idea that they’re going to be rehabilitated somehow. That’s a big reason why the Vulture in Homecoming was easy to spot since he wasn’t about to hide what he was and what he was doing when Peter found out who he was. There was no double dealing with the villain, he let Peter know exactly what would happen if he crossed him.

Getting onto another subject, the difference between MJ in the Maguire era and MJ now isn’t just skin deep as some would like to believe since the MJ now is a kind of depressing character at times since she seems to revel in the idea of depression and being a downer a lot of times. While Kirsten Dunst’s character wasn’t one hundred percent upbeat all the time she was still more fit for the archetype of Mary Jane that people remembered from the comics. Kind of bubbly at times, had an attitude at other times, and was at the very least capable of smiling and being happy? This new MJ is more akin to what might happen if you took a person nicknamed MJ and crossed her with Wednesday Addams. Her personality is next to nil and her impact seems to be mostly Peter and very little MJ, as though she’s just not certain if she wants to get into a relationship with him while he’s doing everything he can to impress her. Her attitude did pep up a bit throughout the movie, but not much and definitely not in the direction that a lot of people were hoping for. In other words, the director has really taken the lead on another classic character from the comics and is basically saying that MJ will be done his way and no one else’s.

Huh boy. There are times when it feels like Sony was doing the right thing trying to wrest Spider-Man away from Disney and others when it would seem that Disney is taking another character and slowly but surely shaving the rough edges off of him. Anyone else see that? Spider-Man might not have been the edgiest hero in the books but at the very least he did get mad, frustrated, and at times as violent as anyone else since he knew when to cut loose and when to take it easy. Maybe the next movie will see him grow up a bit and really take on the persona in a more confident and self-assured manner.

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