Why Knights of the Old Republic Should be a Trilogy

This often starts to sound like a constantly skipping record since it’s been mentioned more than once. It does sound as though a TV series or a movie might be headed to the screen when it comes to The Old Republic, but as it’s been at this time, those behind the Star Wars franchise feel as though they’re dragging their feet. That might not be the case, but it certainly feels like it, since at this time there have been plenty of shows and a few movies that have emerged, and the general feeling is that moving forward with the franchise is desired, but it’s not bound to be the easiest thing to do. There are so many different factors to take into account and a desire from some to see the Expanded Universe come into play that trying to sort it all out is like trying to find the end of a ball of yarn that’s been stretched in multiple directions across a cavernous room and twisted over every possible end it can be. In other words, it feels as though Star Wars is a bit tough to decipher as a single story at this time. 

In some ways, that’s a good thing since it means that there are plenty of directions, but it can still go in and remain interesting. But when trying to determine which continuity will be messed up the most and which story will end up happening at the same time, it is a little difficult. There’s no doubt that those at Lucasfilm have things mapped out in a way that makes sense to a few of them, if not all of them. But trying to keep everything in line and ready to be launched when the moment comes along has to be a bit difficult since it’s fair to think that wondering which story will step on the toes of another is something that’s happened a few times. 

But as to the Knights of the Old Republic, there is plenty of material to work with from the game, the comics, and even the books that have been written concerning that era in Star Wars history. But the need of so many to state that this or that isn’t canon is kind of funny since everything that’s canon now has been that which has moved forward from the prequels, meaning that the stories that exist of the Old Republic aren’t able to be excluded from canon that easily since the period between the Old Republic and the prequels is still great enough to think that only a few individuals will still be around, depending on how far back Lucasfilm decides to go when detailing one story or another. The KOTOR story goes back quite a while before the current order, the original movies, and even the prequels. This was the time of Revan, the Jedi who became a Sith and then turned back to the light. Anyone who has played KOTOR knows very well that Revan’s story is a great one and that many people are calling for Revan to become a part of the Star Wars movie franchise, or at least get a TV series that could show how awesome this character really was. 

Revan’s popularity has grown exponentially in recent years as people have gotten wind of the former Jedi, and it’s only natural to think that he should be getting his own movie. But KOTOR, while it is largely about Revan’s story and his quest to regain the Force and revenge on Malak, his former apprentice, has an entire galaxy built into it that was fun to watch, experience, and play. Plus, several other characters could be brought into play within a movie or a series, and a lot of side quests that were available for a series to take advantage of in several different ways. Thinking that this could be one of the greatest ideas ever, it’s also great to think that it could inspire a trilogy that might showcase Revan’s tale and thereby elevate him as one of the greatest names in the franchise. Some might not think it’s a good idea, and some might realize that no matter if Lucasfilm does take on the idea that many things will be altered about Revan and his quest. But the bottom line is that allowing it to happen would be the first step toward creating a compelling story. 

If it happens, great. But if it doesn’t, it won’t be much of a surprise since anything that’s been deemed as a part of the EU is more likely to be cherry-picked to death without being given due credit. It sounds cynical, but the moment that George Lucas sold Lucasfilm, he sold the future of the franchise in a big way, and Disney means to ground it as much as possible before it’s over and done with. 

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