The Top Five Ivan Reitman Directed Films of His Career

The Top Five Ivan Reitman Directed Films of His Career

Ivan Reitman’s big break as a director didn’t really come until he’d gotten noticed as a producer and even then it took producing the blockbuster hits like Animal House and Meatballs to really get on the fast track to directing. But once he was there he started dishing out hits that people either loved or hated, but still did great as they eventually went on to great fame or eventually became cult hits that people still love to this day. Like a lot of directors he found a few actors that he really liked to work with and stuck to them for the most part, but he’s had a rather diverse cast throughout his directing career. A lot of his movies are so well known that they’re still considered classics and are fully enjoyed by those that grew up with them or have discovered them as they’ve matured.

Here are just a few that are among his best.

5. Stripes

They’re not the soldiers you call when you need someone for the job, they’re barely good enough to stand in formation. These are the guys that like to party all night and wake up when the sun is high in the sky. But somehow they’re the best the army can produce when it comes to taking over the detail on a top-secret mission that involves guarding a very special Winnebago.

4. Kindergarten Cop

Kimble is a man that likes everything ordered, which is why Kindergarten is initially not his cup of tea so to speak. As an undercover cop seeking out a mother and son that are needed to crack a case he has to go where few cops have ever dared to go before. Dolph Lundgren tried to make a second version of this movie but about five to ten minutes in it simply flopped.

3. Twins


For someone that’s so clueless about how society works Julius somehow still manages to make his way through it without being taken advantage of. Chalk that up to the fact that he’s such a nice guy that some folks actually bad for trying while others feel bad because karma is just like that sometimes. Julius has only one flaw that we all have, he loves a family member that’s initially not worth the trouble.

2. Draft Day 


This is one of the most tense days in the sport of football that divides the winners from the losers. The Superbowl might be the final goal for all 32 NFL teams, but the trip to that grand stage begins in the offices and on the stage where the NFL Draft takes place, where the futures of so many young men are decided by the teams that will eventually vie for their services.

1. Ghostbusters

If ever a film could be called a campy masterpiece this would be it. Let’s face it the movie is kind of ridiculous in some spots but simply awesome in others which makes it a mutt that people tend to love. And yet for all that it’s a blend of the good and the bad it can’t help but earn the title of ‘classic’.

Reitman definitely knew what he was doing when got into directing, even if he didn’t at first.

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