The Top Five Invisible Characters in Movies

This is where special effects can go either way, they can be creepy and terrifying or they can be funny and in some ways very much what is needed to create a very amusing film. In many ways invisible characters are frightening since human beings trust their senses to know what’s around them, and our sight is one of the biggest things that we rely on. But how reliable is your sight when you can’t see a person standing right in front of you? Some might argue the point that they’re a little more receptive, but unless you’re standing in an area where footprints are easy to notice or  can hear the breathing of the unseen person there’s really not a lot of other ways to tell.

The thought that someone could be standing next to you literally unseen is a little unnerving.

5. Memoirs of an Invisible Man-Nick Halloway

Nick Halloway is a guy that fell asleep in the wrong area at the wrong time trying to nurse a hangover. What happened was that his molecules shifted in such a way so as to be transparent, which means even his clothing was affected, which is unusual for this kind of film but was accepted. Maybe Chevy Chase didn’t fancy the idea of his character running around naked, even if it was make-believe.

4. Monsters Inc.-Randall Boggs

Now Randall is creepy because he will do just about anything to get ahead of Sully in terms of how many screams he can elicit from kids. Randall is the slinky, slimy, underhanded type that would sell out pretty much anyone if it could get him ahead. It’s funny though since when he’s shown as a college student it seems like he might be a halfway decent guy.

3. Fantastic Four-Sue Storm

The great thing about Sue Storm is that she doesn’t just turn invisible, she can turn OTHER things invisible as well and even create invisible fields that can act as battering rams, force bubbles, or even just regular barriers that take a tremendous amount of energy to get through. Sue’s power is only hampered by her constitution, and as most comic lovers have seen she’s a very strong-willed woman.

2. Hollow Man-Sebastian Caine

When you no longer have to look at yourself in the mirror the world seems to open up just a bit. The problem with this is that the need for morality seems to lessen minute by minute as you realize that being unseen is something quite special, and quite horrifying. If you don’t have to look into your own eyes then you don’t have to hate yourself for the things you might feel compelled to do.

1. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-Rodney Skinner

Skinner is really the weasel of the group, a guy that knows how to use his condition to his advantage and doesn’t think twice about doing it. Even considering him for the fictitious league is kind of a double-edged sword since so long as he’s kept happy and can prove to be useful he’s a great ally. But if you make him mad and give him a reason to turn on you there’s little chance that you’ll see him coming.

Invisibility is something that should probably be left to science fiction.

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