Our Top Five Emma Thompson Movies of Her Career

Our Top Five Emma Thompson Movies of Her Career

Emma Thompson is something of a special person in that she has this strange gift to be able to seem so severe and then in the next second to be so warm and caring that you’d swear she was a completely different person. Her ability to step into character is second to none and it’s no wonder that she’s been listed as one of the best actresses of her time. In many ways she seems to take on the persona of the character she’s playing with such aplomb that you could swear that off set she’s going to be just the same as she was in front of the camera. But then you see her and you’re blown away by the fact that she’s someone so different.

That is just a part of what makes her a great actress.

5. Saving Mr. Banks

There are obviously parts of this story that were embellished and possibly added in to make it something that Disney would be proud to call its own, but the fact remains that Mary Poppins was almost never made if you go by history. It was a story that many upon many kids and their parents fell in love with immediately upon reading it and then watching it on the big screen, but the writer originally never intended to give it to Walt Disney for reasons that were likely all her own.

4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Professor Trelawney wasn’t the easiest professor to like since she was quite odd and almost always in her own little world, but she was likable enough that simply throwing her out of the castle wasn’t seen as a very endearing move by Umbridge, who was already listed as a very big problem. In the books such showdowns as this were never quite as dramatic but they were easy to remember since seeing Dumbledore this angry was always a memorable moment.

3. Nanny McPhee

She’s there when she’s needed and must leave when she isn’t, but while she’s there Nanny McPhee isn’t about to brook any guff from a child. She might seem overly strict and overbearing, but at the very least she affected a great amount of change in the kids and made sure that they were able to appreciate just what they had. When they needed her she came without question, and what’s more she was in some ways their savior against a very cruel world.

2. Beauty and the Beast

Mrs. Potts has always been a fan favorite and it wasn’t any different in this version of the movie since she played such a vocal and very important role. As one of the many servants of the prince she was very devoted to him, but she was also the type that would gladly remind the prince that his time was running out and that he needed to mind his manners with a lady. She was in some sense the conscience that the prince needed.

1. Stranger Than Fiction

Writers can be odd people if you haven’t figured that out by now. But this would be going beyond the pale to realize that you’re writing someone’s life as they’re living it. Some people might succumb to the kind of power this would give them and others might freeze and not know what to do with it.

A real writer would find a way to keep the story going though.

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