The Top Five Arnold Schwarzenegger Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Arnold Schwarzenegger Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Arnold Schwarzenegger Yelling Scenes in Movies

And welcome to the Yelling Series! This is one of the most amusing kind of articles to do since it gives a different look at actors in a state of mind that you might not always get to see them in. A lot of times it’s amusing and other times it definitely adds to the dramatic effect. Today’s focus is on the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man himself who made some of the best quotes when he was absolutely blowing his stack. He’s been an action star, a comedy star, and has even done a little drama. But when Arnold gets good and mad you know he’s got the lung power to give rise to a loud and very powerful roar that doesn’t go ignored all that often, if at all. In some movies you’ll never see him do it, but when he does it usually comes out in an iconic way that you don’t soon forget.

I’m sure you’ll recognize a few of these.

5. The Running Man

“Here is Sub-Zero! Now, Plain Zero!” Come on, if you’d just survived being attacked by a psycho wearing full hockey gear and a stick that could slice you in two, wouldn’t you be a little pumped up? I think I’d still be kicking ol’ Zero for the temerity of attacking me but that’s me. Eventually I  think I’d mug for the camera too and ask Killian if that’s all he has.

4. Conan the Barbarian

Amazingly some people would say that running at a galloping horse with an armed warrior bearing down you would be the epitome of foolishness. Those who say such things don’t know Conan very well. In an all or nothing showdown between two warriors and a contingent of armed killers it pays to be bold since the enemy won’t know what hit them when they underestimate the smaller force.

3. Total Recall

Hands up, pun totally intended, how many people were shouting for joy when Richter finally got it in this scene? It’s a horrible way to go, but it couldn’t have happened to a nastier character. The guy was just straight up evil and would have gladly taken Quaid/Hauser with him when he went. Thankfully he had no real leverage to speak of and was easily disarmed only seconds later, literally.

2. Kindergarten Cop

Okay, admit it, anyone that has kids or has worked around kids for any length of time has wanted to do this on occasion. Not all the time mind you, because kids aren’t always little monsters, but there are those moments when it might feel good to give rise to a good, strong, and authoritative yell that finally shuts them up….right before they burst into tears because you hurt their feelings.

1. Predator

This is one of the best lines ever written, no doubt and no bias. Okay, maybe a little bias. But the fact remains that this one line has been repeated so many times that kids who’ve only been a live for less than a decade probably know it. In fact some people might remember this part more than they remember most of the movie.

You can always count on Arnold for a good yell.

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