The Top Five Alec Baldwin Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Alec Baldwin Yelling Scenes in Movies

It’s not often that I get to do a second round in the same day of the Yelling Game, but thank Alec Baldwin for this opportunity and let’s get to rolling! He has a loud voice when he wants to which is kind of surprising because usually he’s so soft spoken and well-mannered. But if the moment calls for it he can be just as ill-mannered and ready to match his voice with anyone else if he feels the mood come upon him. Despite being a cultured and very polished individual Baldwin knows how to verbally scrap with the meanest people around if it comes down to that, and he’s not shy about throwing down with his fellow actors in some of the most intense scenes. You might think his characters are highly disrespectful and you’d be right, but they make no apologies about it and are always right there to back themselves up if need be. Yes, I did say he could back himself up.

So let’s see just how bad he can be.

5. The Edge

It’s got to be hard trying to stay on the same page as the man you intend to kill. Baldwin’s character was going to murder Hopkins in order to covet his supermodel wife, but couldn’t really pick his moment until they’d shed themselves of the murderous Kodiak bear that was hot on their trail. When he did get his moment however he still couldn’t do it since he didn’t mind his footing and fell into a hole, spoiling the plan yet again.

4. The Shadow

Most of the time his voice is pretty quiet but when he shouts it’s like a blunt spike being driven against the ears, eliciting a deep, rumbling temper that has yet to break loose but is insanely close. The Shadow is a man that is used to being obeyed and not questioned, meaning that when he raises his voice it’s going to be for something very important.

3. Rise of the Guardians

Alec Baldwin as Santa? Well, North at any rate. Who knew that Santa Claus was a swashbuckling tough guy that knew how to throw down at a moment’s notice? He was certainly convincing when he got down to business, proving that he could be just as nice as an old grandpa one moment and fierce as a grumpy old bear in the next. But hey, why not?

2. Glengarry Glen Ross

Any type of high-dollar sales business is brutal. It doesn’t matter if the men he’s talking to are his elders, in his mind they’re inferior, they’re lesser than he is because they don’t trade in the high dollar sales that he can get because they’re not as ruthless. He’s able to be just as mean as he needs to be and as aggressive to get the sale, and if they’re not into that then they can just get up and leave for all he cares.

1. The Departed

This guy is just high strung, there’s no other way to say it. If something goes wrong he’s not just going to yell, he’s going to do it with his fists flying and his face going cherry red as he shouts all manner of expletives at the guy that invoked his wrath.

Two Yelling Games in a day, awesome.

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