The Top 20 Pokemon Characters of All-Time

Pocket monsters once again piqued the curiosity of the world with the release of the latest mobile game app Pokémon Go, 20 years after Pokémon were first introduced in Japan. Now with 7 generations of over 700 fictional Pokémon that have appeared since, the world of Pokémon has become one massive collection of interesting stories and memorable characters. Each Pokémon character is as distinct from another as possible, equipped with its own features, personality, capability and talent, and many more. Pokémon are well loved by fans of all ages throughout the globe, and we’ve listed here some of the best Pokémon characters of all time.

20. Snorlax

Last on this list is actually one of the most recognizable Pokémon. Snorlax is one big character, the heaviest of all Pokémon actually. It’s got a dark bluish green body and an off white belly, face, and feet. It looks almost like a big-bellied cat with small pointy ears, small slits for eyes, and two sharp teeth protruding from its mouth. It’s got sharp claws on both feet and hands. Snorlax gets its name from the fact that it sleeps a lot, waking up only for food. Often found in forests, the Snorlax has endless amounts of food in its reach, which works out because it will not stop eating until it’s consumed 900 lbs. of food. This Pokémon is docile when unprovoked, but it’s more than useful in a duel.

19. Haunter

This purple Pokémon can be compared to a ghost. Made out of gas, Haunter is mostly head and hands, which also happen to be disconnected from its body. The sides of its head are full of spikes; his eyes are large and triangular. Several pointed teeth, a pink mouth, and a long tongue complete its look. Haunting, indeed, as that’s how it got its name. Coincidentally, Haunter can be found in dark spots. It stalks its next living victim until it gets close enough to attack. It does this by licking the victim in order to steal its life force away. It’s a pretty spooky Pokémon character, especially since it can float through even a solid wall.

18. Gyarados

An atrocious character, the Gyarados will remind you of a Chinese dragon. It’s a water creature that lives mostly in large lakes and even the ocean. It has a light blue color with a cream underbelly. It has a fish-like tail, dorsal fins, and a crest on its head. Its large mouth is forever in frowning position, maybe because it’s just one mean Pokémon. The Gyarados’ fangs are capable of crushing even things as hard as stones; its dragon-like scales are as tough as steel. The worse part is this Pokémon likes violence and is attracted to it. Because of its hot temper, Gyarados is very difficult to tame even for the most experienced Trainer, but that’s exactly why it’s considered pretty awesome.

17. Metagross

The Metagross is an odd-looking, robotic Pokémon. It is massive, and its brains are just as equally impressive. Matter of fact, the Metagross has four total brains making it a super intelligent creature. It uses complex calculations to defeat its opponents in battle, but it also doesn’t hurt that it has a metallic armor. Its turquoise body is disc-shaped with four legs, with each leg housing one of the four brains. The Metagross can retract its legs in order to float in the air, but it can also use its legs to float in water. It resembles a spider in a way. This Pokémon uses its body to pin down its enemy before eating it–quite intimidating and equally impressive.

16. Umbreon

Another cat-like creature, this Pokémon is actually an evolution of another one. With its black body and yellow details, the Umbreon is quite a good-looking Pokémon. Top that with its crimson eyes and the resulting creature is a terrifying one. The yellow markings all over its body are actually defense mechanisms. At night, these markings glow brightly to intimidate anything lurking close by. Another defense tactic the Umbreon uses is a poisonous sweat it can projectile spray onto its enemy. With the combination of its looks and its capabilities, this Pokémon is actually considered an urban creature. It’s rare to find an Umbreon living in the wild.

15. Tyranitar

If you’re looking for a truly terrifying Pokémon, Tyranitar is the one for you. This creature resembles a dinosaur–its body and full of spikes. It has a purple underbelly and claws on both hands and feet. Its size matches its strength. Tyranitar is an extremely strong and contemptuous Pokémon. Its armor-like hide protects it from all sorts of attack, a great defense when you’re out to put down and agitate other creatures. The Tyranitar is also brave and will not back down from a duel. The only problem is if you ever have to contend against this creature, you’ll have to withstand powerful earthquakes because that’s exactly what the Tyranitar can set off.

14. Kingdra

It’s almost cute in a way a seahorse and a dragon might be combined to look like. The Kingdra is exactly that, only much, much larger than a searhorse. Its yellow underbelly contrasts against its blue scale-covered body. It also has a distinct snout that can squirt powerful streams of water that are strong enough to knock an opponent down. Apart from this attack mechanism, the Kingdra uses something else that is completely unusual. This Pokémon uses its yawn to create underwater currents that are forceful enough to destroy small ships. On the surface, it can also create large whirlpools and tornadoes. The Kingdra is a powerful water creature that awakens during a storm. Make sure not to be in uninhabited sea areas during a storm because a Kingdra will be out looking for you.

13. Gengar

Gengar, a spiky purple creature may not seem too much trouble at first sight. Its round body and stubby tail almost makes it adorable. But don’t be fooled. This Pokémon is as sinister as it gets. It’s quite stealthy in a way that it can hide in any shadow. Gengar is also mischievous and playful, behaving maliciously as it pleases. It plays practical jokes on unsuspecting and random victims. However, if you happen to capture yourself a Gengar and train it to be your faithful Pokémon, it will stay true and loyal to you to the very end. Just don’t be surprised if you find your shadow being weird at times; it’s probably your Gengar entertaining itself again.

12. Alakazam

It’s yellow, it’s large, and it almost resembles a human skeleton. The Alakazam Pokémon is quite an impressive creature. It has brown armor covering parts of its body to defend against attacks. It has an imposing mustache that goes well with its pointy ears. Alakazam is a sight to behold, but the most interesting things about this Pokémon are each of the spoons it grasps in each hand. These spoons work as a psychic amplifiers. Alakazam uses these to attack its opponents. Being psychic, Alakazam can do virtually anything. It uses its abilities to even control its own body. Alakazam’s IQ is said to be over 5,000, making it highly intelligent and strategic. It also remember absolutely everything its ever experienced.

11. Typhlosion

Another iconic Pokémon, Typhlosion is one creature that is always ready for a battle. It’s similar to a badger, with a dark blue upper coat and a yellow underbelly. It has a spiky fur on the back of its neck that almost looks like fire. This is quite fitting for the Pokémon as it uses fire to burn everything around it when it is agitated. Its body is capable of generating tremendous amounts of heat that anything it grazes will burst into flames. Because of this heat, Typhlosion creates a shimmering effect around its body that it uses to hide itself. It can also blast fire to attack its opponents.

10. Dragonite

Starting the top 10 is one Pokémon fan favorite, Dragonite. It’s a dragon-like, orange creature with small wings that have a greenish undertone to them. It’s highly recognizable and has a pair of long antennae on its head. Its snout is small and rounded and it has a pair of friendly eyes. It’s rightly so because this Pokémon is a kind creature that takes to humans easily. A Dragonite can fly extremely fast, even faster than the speed of sound, regardless of its size. It lives mostly by the water and is a rarity in the wild. This Pokémon is very protective of its environment and will do anything if ever it is threatened.

9. Arcanine

This lavish-looking, canine-type Pokémon is one of the bravest creatures around. It has a distinct orange and black pelt and a characteristic beige fur that covers most of its head and parts of its hind legs. Its pointed ears protrude much like its pointy teeth does, and its tail mirrors the fur on its head. Arcanine is one running machine, even having extreme speed as one of its signature moves. It’s known to have a burning flame inside its body that serves as the source of all its power. It’s been known to live in volcanoes, but mostly Aracanine can be found in prairies. This Pokémon is a beautiful creature that commands fear from its opponents. Just one bark and its enemies go running.

8. Mewtwo

Mewtwo is a humanoid Pokémon that has its roots in science. It’s purplish in overall color and has a deeper purple underbelly that extends all the way to its entire tail. It has what almost seems like a breastplate on its chest and a well-defined head. This creature was created using DNA engineering, and as can be expected from its name, Mewtwo derives its origins from Mew. Mewtwo is a fierce Pokémon, vicious and lacking compassion for anything. It is also extremely powerful with telepathic abilities such as mind control and levitation. It resides mostly in dark caves and will remain until ready to unleash its full power onto an enemy. This is one Pokémon that should never be provoked.

7. Lugia

Part bird, part dinosaur, and part dragon, Lugia is one Pokémon that’s larger than life. Being the leader of the Legendary birds, Lugia has incomparable powers in its wings. The silver-white Pokémon has wings that resemble hands, a body that resembles a dragon, and a head that’s similar to a plesiosaur. It has the ability to command the weather; it can conjure up a storm as it pleases or calm it as well. Its powerful wings can cause massive destruction with just a slight flutter, and a full on flap of its wings can cause devastating storms that can go on for over a month. This is one of the rarest Pokémons to be seen as it tends to isolate itself to prevent unwanted damage.

6. Garchomp

This dark-looking creature is a terrible sight to behold but is quite a useful Pokémon to have. Its dark blue color and red underbelly give it a distinct look in addition to the golden patches on its lower belly and head. Garchomp’s head has appendages that act as sensors, so it can sense its prey from afar. The most distinct characteristic of Garchomp is its massive wings that allow it to fly with impressive speed. It has other sea creature-like characteristics including slits that look like gills, fin-like protrusions, and a fish-like tail. What’s most terrifying about this Pokémon is that it can consume entire flocks of Pokémon birds at a time–its favorite prey.

5. Blastoise

A bipedal and tortoise-like creature, the Blastoise is truly one of a kind. Its brown shell protects its light blue body, not only with its tough quality but also with two water cannons that are located on each side of its body. These water cannons can be extended further for a more powerful charge, so powerful that the water from these cannons can pierce even steel. Blastoise has the ability to increase its own weight in order to control the blasts from his cannon, and with this weight it can crush any enemies that might be on its path. Blastoise prefers to live near small bodies of freshwater and can take on leadership roles in a large group of Pokémon.

4. Eevee

This pet-like Pokémon is one of the most versatile ones you can have. As a matter of fact, it can evolve into 8 different creatures depending on the method used. It has an unremarkable look to it, with brown fur and pointy ears. Its bushy tail matches its furry collar, and its brown eyes are as gentle as can be. Eevee is a completely urban Pokémon, naïve but quite unique. It’s most special due to its peculiar genetic structure, which allows it to adapt appropriately into its current environment. It’s also known to evolve into another Pokémon depending on its environment. While Eevee on its own may be considered weak, but it’s well loved because of its ability to become a great Pokémon.

3. Pikachu

Another Pokémon of average strengths finds its way close to the top of this list, not because of its capabilities but because of its character altogether. Pikachu will forever be the first and signature Pokémon of the anime. This yellow, rodent-like creature is as adorable as any Pokémon could ever be. It does have some powers in the form of electricity it stores in the pouches of its cheeks. It can release electrical discharges through its tail, which can produce a shocking effect for its opponent. A large group of this Pokémon can induce a lightning storm that can also cause considerable damage. Pikachu stands for everything friendly about Pokémon, and that’s why it remains to be in the top 3 of this list.

2. Charizard

Charizard is another dragon-like Pokémon, with large bat-like wings and a long tail that has an ever-burning flame on its tip. This orange creature is made for battle. It’s fit and strong and has the ability to soar up to ridiculous heights. With a single breath of fire, it can burn down forests and melt gigantic glaciers. The more experience Charizard gains, the hotter its flames will burn. It seeks to build on its experiences by looking to fight with opponents that are more powerful. Charizard is a simple Pokémon that has much to offer its Trainer. It can be found mostly in valleys.

1. Mew

The Pokémon that tops this list is Mew, a pink creature that has very distinct features. It has a short snout, large ears, and large blue eyes to match. Its legs are proportionally larger than its arms, and its long tail has an oval-shaped tip. The reason why this Pokémon is number one is because of Mew actually contains every single Pokémon’s DNA inside its body. This allows it to be able to learn any attack in the book from any Pokémon in any Pokédex. It’s an impressive capability for such a small Pokémon, and its only one of other useful characteristics. Mew is adaptable, intelligent, playful and selfless, and can travel both by air and by water. It can make itself invisible anytime and travels mostly in this state. Mew will only reveal itself to a person that carries a heart that’s pure. Mew is definitely the ultimate Pokémon that many wishes they have but only a select few can even see.

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