Cheat Guide To Hunting Shelgon In Pokémon Violet

Cheat Guide To Hunting Shelgon In Pokémon Violet

Everyone loves to train pets, and the excitement increases when they possess resilient and flashy powers. Pokémon brings that dream to reality with their series of games to let players enjoy catching pocket monsters and battling. However, some Pokémon are harder to catch than others, which gives players a hard time getting their preferred Pokémon. Hunting special Pokémon will need you to implement some strategies to reduce the difficulty of catching them. One special Pokémon is Shelgon, and here is a cheat sheet to catch it as you play the game.

Cheat Guide To Hunting Shelgon In Pokémon Violet

What Shelgon Pokémon Is?

Shelgon is a special Pokémon that exists as an exclusive in the Pokémon violet franchise and can only be caught there. It’s a Pokémon with two stages of evolution asides from its base form, which you can get certain Pokémon levels. The base form is a Bagon, and it evolves into Shelgon that everyone wants to catch as they play the game. Shelgon has its final form to be a Salamance, a flying dragon that is rather powerful in the end game. The Shelgon form is great to use but technical to capture, but let’s check where to find them in the game.

Where To Find Shelgon Pokémon

Finding Shelgon is news that comes to many gamers who have been playing the game for a while. One search idea to hunt it is in the wilds, similar to every other Pokémon throughout the game. It’s exceptionally common in the southwest wilds around the area of six south province. Some players have also found it in other areas, but the spawn rate is low compared to area six. Another way to find Shelgon is by engaging in online battles with the difficulty set to three or four stars.

Obstacles To Watch Out For When Hunting Shelgon

There are several traits that Shelgon exhibits to escape being caught by players based on its abilities. One is its rare ability, “Rock head,” which makes all players gun for the Pokémon since it makes it valuable. It also has the overcoat ability that lets it escape any poison, sleep, or paralysis-related abilities from users. The “Rock head” works with this to make Shelgon strong by giving the effect above while allowing him to use recoil moves safely. You know what to expect when searching for hunting Shelgon, so here is a safe guide to catching this Pokémon successfully.

How To Know The Best Shelgon To Hunt

You should consider some things if you prefer to catch a high leveled Shelgon than raise one from scratch. One is the nature of the Shelgon and the playstyle that you want main for that Pokémon. Shelgon comes with two main Nature types, Jolly and adamant, with the former giving more attack than special attack. Conversely, the latter offers you more speed in place of attack, changing your playstyle with Shelgon. You also need to consider if it is over level 67 since it only has the overcoat at that level in place of evolution.

How To Catch Shelgon Successfully

Your plan to catch Shelgon successfully works in two main paths you can consider after detecting its nature. You can choose to gun for this Pokémon in the early stages, which means hunting a Bagon and raising it. However, many players see it as a stressful approach and prefer to get a high-level Shelgon right off the bat. If you are raising a Shelgon, especially from a Bagon, you should try not evolving it to Salamance till level 67. The reason is that evolution occurs at level 50, but the skill only comes at 67, so you should note this.

Shelgon violet

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Should You Hunt For Shelgon?

It would be best if you didn’t miss your chance to get a legendary dragon-type Pokémon with flight ability when you can. Hunting for Shelgon might have been tasking, but our guide above should increase your chances of getting it. Go for your dragon, and don’t forget to target a level 67 Shelgon regardless of your path to get it. Let us know your experiences with Shelgons after implementing this guide and other techniques that worked for you. Who knows? You might have a better technique than the guide you see above.


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