Dive into the Drednaw Theme Deck: A Comprehensive Guide for Pokémon Fans

Dive into the Drednaw Theme Deck: A Comprehensive Guide for Pokémon Fans

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The Pokémon universe has been flourishing lately, making it increasingly difficult to find packs of cards from the beloved franchise. However, I managed to snag a Drednaw Theme Deck from a local GameStop (who knew they use DoorDash now?) for just under $20 with same-day shipping. These theme decks aren’t designed for those seeking Ultra Rare cards but are perfect for those looking to start building a deck or completing a collection. While you won’t find anything exceptionally rare in these decks, you’ll discover a plethora of neat and useful items. So, let’s dive into the Drednaw theme deck and see what it has to offer!

Unleash the Power of Cards

The Drednaw theme Pokémon deck boasts a diverse array of items, including a pre-made Water deck of 60 Pokémon cards that you can use for collecting or participating in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Here’s a breakdown of the cards included in the Drednaw theme deck:


  • Drednaw x3 (one of these is the holo Promo Drednaw)
  • Chewtle x3
  • Samurott x3
  • Dewott x3
  • Oshawott x3
  • Barraskewda x1
  • Arrokuda x3
  • Cramorant x2
  • Wishiwashi x2


  • Bede x2
  • Dan x2
  • Evolution Incense x1
  • Great Ball x2
  • Hop x4
  • Nessa x3
  • Professor’s Research x2
  • Sonia x2
  • Switch x2


  • Water Energy x18

While the Drednaw theme deck may not be the go-to choice for Ultra Rare Pokémon hunters, it does contain some solid cards that are guaranteed to enhance your collection. Now, let’s explore the additional items included in the Drednaw theme deck!

Discover Exciting Items

In addition to the pre-made deck of 60 Pokémon cards, the Drednaw theme deck comes packed with a variety of Pokémon items to help you embark on your journey to become the ultimate Pokémon master! Here’s a rundown of the items you’ll receive when you purchase the Pokémon Drednaw theme deck:

Metallic Coin

This theme deck includes a metallic coin, similar to other theme decks and blister packs. However, this particular coin is my favorite by far. It features a textured silver Drednaw with a reflective stroboscopic coloring effect that looks absolutely stunning.

Single Player Playmat

The Drednaw theme deck also comes with a single-player playmat, perfect for participating in in-person Pokémon tournaments or casual games with friends. The playmat includes designated spaces for your Active Pokémon, Deck, Prize Cards, Bench, and Discard Pile, along with straightforward instructions on how to use it. If you’re not into playing the game physically or prefer collecting cards, the back of the playmat features a mini Pokémon poster showcasing Drednaw and Charizard, as well as branding for Pokémon and Sword & Shield Vivid Voltage, the deck’s card set.

Deck Box

Like other theme decks, the Drednaw theme deck includes a deck box for storing your cards. This is especially useful for players who want to build decks around specific energy types and easily identify which deck they’re using, or for collectors who want to organize their cards by energy type.

Damage Counters

This deck also includes a set of damage counters, which are handy if you plan on playing Pokémon in a physical environment. There are 18 damage counters in total: twelve “10”, four “50”, and two “100” damage counters, amounting to 400 damage.


The remaining items in this deck consist of a rules booklet to help you navigate the game, three reference cards, and a code card that enables you to use this theme deck in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

For less than $20, this Pokémon theme deck offers incredible value, especially considering the current rarity of Pokémon cards. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to scour the internet in search of more!

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