Tom Cruise to Marry Again Following Highly Publicized Divorce from Katie Holmes?

Tom Cruise to Marry Again Following Highly Publicized Divorce from Katie Holmes?
Tom Cruise to Marry Again Following Highly Publicized Divorce from Katie Holmes?

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The internet loves to speculate, and one thing it loves to focus on is Tom Cruise. Is Tom Cruise to marry again in the near future? Despite many inaccurate online reports that Tom Cruise is set to marry Hayley Atwell, his long-term girlfriend, the rumors are simply rumors. However, it’s not uncommon to see headlines such as “Tom Cruise to Marry,” because he has an active dating life and has since he began his career in Hollywood in the middle of the 1980s. He’s a tabloid golden child, but he seems to have no plans to marry again following his divorce from Katie Holmes. That also begs the question, what happened to his previous marriages?


Tom Cruise’s First Wife

The fact that Tom Cruise is deeply involved in the controversial religion known as Scientology is not a mystery. However, many did not know that from 1987 until 1990, he was married to his Scientology auditor, Mimi Rogers. She was also an actress – as so many members of the Scientology church are, and she worked as his auditor. She chose to leave the religion and later blamed the man who founded the company for the demise of her marriage to Cruise. She is the person who introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology, and she later went on to explain that he’d been considering life as a monk. As a result, the intimacy of their marriage suffered. However, she later went on record to say this is not true and simply misunderstood what was going on in her marriage. The reason for their divorce is unknown. However, not long after his divorce from Rogers, rumors of Tom Cruise to marry Nicole Kidman began surfacing.

Tom Cruise to Marry Again Following Highly Publicized Divorce from Katie Holmes?

Credit: @katieholmes

Tom Cruise’s Marriage to Nicole Kidman

While filming Days of Thunder the same year his divorce from his first wife was finalized, he met Nicole Kidman. They began dating immediately and were married before the year was over in 1990. Tom Cruise filed for divorce in 2001 after 11 years of marriage and adopting two children together. At the time of their divorce, Nicole Kidman was pregnant. Many speculated that her miscarriage occurred out of heartbreak or something more sinister, but she clarified that her pregnancy would never last. It was an ectopic pregnancy. While no one has ever confirmed the real reason for their divorce, it’s been widely reported that she was not willing to become a member of the Scientology church like her husband. It is likely the most accurate reason behind the demise of their marriage.

Tom Cruise to Marry Katie Holmes

It was the relationship zero people saw coming. For starters, she was the Dawson’s Creek sweetheart of America, and Tom Cruise was 18 years her senior. The unlikely couple set the world on fire after they were rumored to be in a relationship. When Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah Winfrey’s couch to proclaim his love for Katie Holmes during her show, the world began to wonder if he was all right. It was 2005. Less than six months after they began dating, Katie Holmes was pregnant with Tom Cruise’s child. Suri Cruise was born in 2006, and the unlikely couple wed the same year in a castle.

It’s been rumored that Katie Holmes was carefully selected by the members of the church of Scientology for Cruise. Does this mean he was not in love with her as he made it sound to Oprah? We don’t know, but their marriage did not work. Rumors that Holmes was afraid, that she was being held captive, and many additional stories began to circulate. It was 2012 when Holmes filed for divorce. She made it very clear she did so to protect Suri Cruise from the church, and she does not allow her daughter to participate in anything that her father does as a religion.

Does Tom Cruise Still See his Daughter Suri?

It remains unclear. The world has not seen a photo of Tom with Suri in years, and there are many rumors that he does not have a relationship with his daughter. It’s been widely acknowledged that Katie Holmes believes her daughter should be protected from Cruise’s religion, and this leads to many questions. Does she keep her daughter away from her father? Does he have any interest in raising his daughter? Do they spend any time together? We don’t know, but we know that his wife left him because she didn’t want their child to grow up with his religion as part of their life, which is a telling statement.

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