Todd Hoffman Planning the Best Season Yet on Gold Rush

Throughout every season of Discovery’s ‘Gold Rush’, it is always clear that there are strong rivalries between the miners. Last season, Todd Hoffman, in particular, had a tough time at the hands of Parker Schnabel who at every turn bested him. On the other hand, Tony Beets, the casts’ ‘Viking’, had a much better time despite getting fined for a stunt on the show. Thanks to lease profits and royalties, Beets saw his bank balance improve dramatically.

Although last season wasn’t great for Hoffman, he is predicting better things this season. He has taken to his social media accounts to let fans know that it will be his best season ever and has even promised to mine 5,000 ounces of gold. He is so confident that he will achieve this that he is even placing bets.

The successful entrepreneur founded mining firm 361 and this company expanded to begin selling clothing and a variety of other merchandise. He is now planning on further expansion of the business in a new venture. On his official Facebook page, Hoffman has written posts telling fans that he is planning on opening a ranch that fans can visit and have the experience of finding gold for themselves. However, this is still a dream of the miner at this time and no concrete plans have been put in place.

Hoffman is more than aware that not everyone who watches the show is a fan of his and has had many negative messages off followers claiming he is not making money and that he doesn’t find enough gold. Todd isn’t letting this get to him and claims his Christian faith is helping him to build his confidence and overcome any obstacles that come his way when he is mining.

In response to the criticism, he argues that he has created a television series that is a huge hit with viewers. He also claims to have a lifestyle he enjoys, in terms of both his personal and working life. Hoffman is doing something he loves every day alongside his friends and family. He states that every aspect of his life is profitable.

When the series returns on October 13 on Season 8, Todd is determined to beat rival Parker in finding the most gold. He has a wager on doing so to the value of $100,000. When mining in Oregon last season, he fell short of the 5,000-ounce goal but is certain he can hit the mark when mining in Colorado this time around. He will have both his 18-year-old son, Hunter, and his father, Jack, working alongside him. As if achieving this goal is not challenging enough, Todd wants to achieve something else this season that no other gold miner has ever achieved before; running three plants at the same time.

Also this season, viewers will get to see Parker Schnabel trying to rid himself of the burden of paying royalties to Tony Beets and trying to get ‘Big Red’, his wash plant’ up and running. The 22-year-old has achieved some success off the back of his appearances on ‘Gold Rush’ and had his own spin-off series called ‘Parker’s Trail’. This three-part series followed Schnabel in a survival challenge as he trekked along the Yukon Trail.

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