10 Things You Didn’t Know about Titus Welliver

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Titus Welliver

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Titus Welliver

Titus Welliver’s acting career has been very interesting to say the least. Although he has been a consistent presence for more than 30 years, he went the majority of his career without ever having a main role. His first opportunity to lead a series came when he was cast as the title character in the Amazon Prime series, Bosch. Although it’s easy to think that Titus had been overlooked for starring roles throughout his career, the truth is that he was simply waiting for the right opportunity, and that’s exactly what Bosch proved to be for him. Although the series has been canceled, we certainly haven’t seen the last of Titus yet. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Titus Welliver.

1. He Originally Wanted To Be A Painter

Titus comes from a very creative family which allowed him to start exploring his own creativity at a young age. His father, Neill, was a well-known landscape painter and Titus initially planned on following in his father’s foot steps and becoming a painter, too. However, once Titus fell in love with acting there was simply no turning back.

2. He Has Suffered Several Tragic Losses

Although Titus has gotten a lot of success and happiness through his work as an actor, his personal life has been riddled with tragedy. His older brother died of complications from muscular dystrophy. Titus also had a younger sister who died as a baby and his step-mother died just six months later. He had another sibling pass away and his fourth wife died of breast cancer.

3. He Attended NYU

Once Titus decided that acting was what he wanted to do, he knew that he needed to put the work in to really reach his full potential. He enrolled at New York University where he studied drama and began auditioning for roles. It’s unclear whether or not he graduated.

4. He’s An Audiobook Narrator

Titus’ on screen work is what has made him famous, but he’s also a talented voice actor as well. He has voiced a character in the video game Mafia II and he has also lent his voice to the audiobook world. Titus has narrated several books, most notably a series of western novels by Robert B. Parker

5. He’s A Red Sox Fan

Titus was born in Connecticut but raised primarily in Philadelphia. Despite his connection to the city of Brotherly Love, Titus appears to be a fan of the Boston Red Sox. As you can imagine, this probably doesn’t sit well with people from Philly who are diehard Phillies fans.

6. He’s Working On His Own Projects

For the last several years, Titus has been exclusively focused on Bosch, but now that the series has been canceled and COVID has left him with some more free time, he plans to use it to work on other things. He told Smashing Interviews that he’s currently in the process of developing his own projects though he didn’t go into detail about what they were.

7. His Son Is An Actor

Titus is the proud father of three children and they seem to be interested in following in his footsteps. In fact, he’s already gotten the chance to work with his son, Quinn. When Quinn was 13, he appeared in an episode of Bosch playing a younger version of his father’s character.

8. He Loves Animals

Anybody who has ever had a pet knows that there’s something incredibly special about the bond between humans and animals. Titus knows this first hand and he is a serious animal lover who wishes he could adopt countless animals. While talking to Smashing Interviews he said, “I always say that if I had 1,000 acres and a big old fence, I would live that way, and they could all just come and be there. There’s nothing that would make me happier.”

9. He Was Named After Rembrandt’s Son

Titus’ father loved art so much that he decided to name Titus in honor of one of the world’s most well-known artists: Rembrandt. Titus is actually named after Rembrandt’s youngest son, Titus Titus van Rijn. Ironically, both Titus have tragedy in common. Titus van Rijn was the only one of Rembrandt’s children to survive into adulthood.

10. He Didn’t Read All Of The Bosch Books

The Amazon Prime series Bosch was based on a series of novels by Michael Connelly. Although Titus had read one of the books years before getting the role, he admits that he didn’t have time to read all of the books. That being said, however, he did go back and focus on the books that were most essential to him understanding his character.

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