That Time Seinfeld Character J. Peterman Did the Real Weather on TV

If you are a Seinfeld fan (if you’re not get the hell off of this site) then J. Peterman AKA Jacopo Peterman is undoubtedly one of your favorite ancillary characters.   He’s up there with Newman, Puddy, and all the other great side characters that made the show so special.  Portrayed by John O’Hurley, Peterman was the epitome of bravado, style, class, sophistication but also buffoonery.   I actually had the pleasure of meeting O’Hurley at a party years ago and the degree of white in his hair was absolutely amazing.  Plus, yeah, he kind of talked like Peterman.  Plus he had a smoking hot blonde as his date.

Anyway, O’Hurley’s managed to make a complete career for himself because of this role and his incredible voice.   But did you know there was a moment that O’Hurley did the weather on television as his Seinfeld character?  Someone sent me this video today.  It was only uploaded hours ago so we’re one of the first sites to see it.

This is J. Peterman doing the weather.

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