10 Interesting Details About Tim Burton You Wish You Knew Sooner

10 Interesting Details About Tim Burton You Wish You Knew Sooner

10 Interesting Details About Tim Burton You Wish You Knew Sooner

tim burton facts

Credit: @timburton

He is arguably the world’s most famous, talented filmmaker and animator. There is nary a person who does not recognize his name in some capacity, but few people know the real Tim Burton. The world knows him as the man who creates some of the darkest, most twisted stuff to share on television and in the movies, and it’s easy for his fans to assume he’s a twisted man. Despite his penchants for darkness, gloom, and women who embody everything he shares in his work, Burton is not the man we think he is.

1. He Grew Up in Southern California

Burton is the man that many people seem to think is from England, but he’s not. He’s from Burbank, California. He lived a relatively normal childhood in sunny SoCal, where he attended Burbank High School. He did make movies in his backyard as a child, but he also played Water Polo on his high school team. He doesn’t seem like the dark, edgy guy we all assume he is.

2. He’s Always Been a Fan of the Arts

Throughout his childhood, Burton was not a great student. He didn’t find much pleasure in schoolwork because he found his pleasure in the arts. A lifelong fan of both Dr. Suess (the simplistic genius that changed the world) and Roald Dahl, a talented novelist, and creative mind, it’s only natural that Burton would follow in their creative footsteps. His work is not traditional, and but it leans heavily into the fantastical aspect of the film – and his fans adore it.

3. He Spent Over a Decade with Lisa Marie

Not to be confused with the late Lisa Marie Presley, however. This Lisa Marie is an actress and a model, but her last name is Smith. They dated from 1992 until he left her for Helena Bonham Carter in 2001. They were engaged in 1993, but they never married. They worked together on the film Planet of the Apes, in which Bonham Carter was one of the main characters. Their relationship ended badly enough that Lisa Marie held a public auction to sell all of his belongings left in her home following the end of their engagement.

4. Tim Burton is Not Dark and Twisted

According to the insanely talented Catherine O’Hara, “People always mistake Tim Burton for the characters who appear in his movies. They figure that Tim has to be this socially awkward, dark, twisted guy. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Tim Burton I know is a complete sweetheart. Easy to work with, always open to suggestions, quick to laugh. Which is why – once you work with Tim – whenever he calls and says that he’s got another role for you for play in a new project of his, you immediately say yes.”

tim burton facts

Credit: @timburton

5. Martin Short Had the Wrong Idea About Tim Burton

They worked together for the first time in 1996, and Short thought that Burton would be very direct, very to the point, and that he’d want Short to do some very specific things in his scenes, but it was not the case. Short was pleasantly surprised to find that Tim Burton loves to hear his actors out and see how they would do something for a role, and then he lets them roll with it. Short is a huge fan of Burton, and working with him was a dream.

6. Tim Burton Has the Best Giggle in the World, Per Martin Short

“Tim has the greatest giggle,” said Martin Short of his friend Tim Burton. A man who giggles and is called the greatest giggle cannot possibly be like the dark and twisted characters he brings to life on television. He is a fun guy with a great sense of humor, but most people don’t find that to be the belief they carry with them.

7. The Real Reason Tim Burton Uses So Many Dead Dogs

When he was only 10, his own beloved dog died. To a child – and to anyone who has ever loved a pet – the death of a dog is a severely traumatic experience. For Burton, the loss of a dog holds so much impact on his life. The power he gives the dead dogs in his movies is almost cathartic to him as a way of moving on from such a difficult loss, and each of the dogs he portrays has an important role and lesson to teach.

8. Tim Burton Felt Wednesday Embodies Childhood So Much

We all watched and loved every moment of the Netflix series, and Jenna Ortega is forever our favorite. But Burton was so impressed with the script that he knew he had to be a part of this. He knew that his film spoke to people because it’s how kids feel about school, their teenage years, their parents, their friendships, and so much more under the surface. He brought it to life, and we are all obsessed.

9. Tim Burton Felt Like Carrie at His Own Prom

He said that he ‘felt like a male Carrie at that prom’ in 1976. It was the year the movie came out, and he was there but not really part of it. He says that feelings like this never really leave you, even when you grow up, mature, and find success.

tim burton facts

Credit: @timburton

10. We Know Why We All Like Tim Burton

He said it himself, and we knew there was a reason. Burton feels that his worldview is the same as Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday. Since we all love her and feel a bit of the same as she does, it only makes sense that Burton would come across as pure magic.

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