10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tiffany Lewis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tiffany Lewis

Although Joe Exotic stole the show on the Netflix series, Tiger King, the underlying story of Carole Baskin and her missing husband was equally as bizarre. Although the show didn’t dive deeply into the case, viewers did learn that Carole’s husband, Donald Lewis, has been mysteriously missing since 2002. Many people immediately began to suspect that Carole had something to do with it. Among those people is Donald’s granddaughter, Tiffany Lewis. Since Tiger King aired, Tiffany has been vocal about her disdain for Carole, and it doesn’t look like she plans on going anywhere any time soon. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Tiffany Lewis.

1. She Has A TikTok Account

Unlike most people who use TikTok to perform the latest viral dances, Tiffany Lewis actually used the platform to share her opinions about Carole Baskin. She currently has over 35,000 followers on TikTok. Her pre Tiger King posts consisted of mostly calligraphy.

2. She’s Grateful For Tiger King

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all grateful for Tiger King. However, our reasons for appreciating the docuseries aren’t quite the same as Tiffany’s. For Tiffany, some of the content was much more personal and she’s thankful that the show was able to raise awareness surrounding her grandfather’s disappearance. In one of her videos on TikTok, she says that watching Tiger King was the first time she heard her grandfather’s voice in 20 years.

3. She Isn’t Shy About Accusing Carole Of Murder

Tiffany definitely hasn’t held back in regards to her feelings about Carole Baskin. She posted a video on TikTok that showed a clip from Tiger King of Carole discussing how to get rid of a body. Tiffany added the caption “And how would you know that? It is because you killed my grandfather?” She is careful to use the word ‘allegedly’ when discussing her opinion her grandfather’s disappearance, but it’s clear that she thinks Carole is the culprit

4. She Thanked Joe Exotic For Trying To Kill Carole

Joe Exotic is currently serving time in prison for conspiring to kill Carole Baskin. Tiffany sent him a subliminal thank you message in a TikTok video where she expressed her appreciation to Joe for ‘trying to do what he tried to do’.

5. She Hasn’t Done Any Formal Interviews

So far, Tiffany’s only commentary has been given through TikTok. She has yet to give any formal interviews or discuss the incident on any other platform. As her TikToks continue to circulate around the Internet, there’s a good chance that people from the media will try to get in touch with her for more information.

6. Her Relationship To Don Lewis Hasn’t Been Confirmed

Tiffany’s claims of being Don Lewis’ grandfather have yet to be officialy confirmed. Although no one seems to be too suspicious about her claims, it’s hard to be 100% sure what you can trust on the internet. After all, people have lied about even crazier things.

7. She’s From Plant City, FL

With that being said, the fact that Tiffany appears to be from Plant City is a good sign that she is, in fact, related to Don Lewis. Plant City is located just outside of Tampa and is a relatively small town best-known for its annual Strawberry Festival.

8. She’s Engaged

According to her Instagram bio, Tiffany is engaged to a man named Dustin. It’s unclear how long the two have been together or exactly when they got engaged. One thing is for sure though, Tiffany loves taking photos showing off her gorgeous ring.

9. She Has An Instagram Account Dedicated To Fashion

Tiffany has a personal Instagram account that is currently private. She also has a separate account that is dedicated to photos of budget friendly outfits that Tiffany put together herself. She also started a blog to go along with the account. On her blog, Tiffany described herself by saying this: “I’ve always had a passion for fashion on a budget and feel like I have some tips and tricks that can hopefully help some of you ladies out there! I truly believe that beauty comes from with in, but I love to feel beautiful and help others feel beautiful as well.”

10. She’s A Mom

In the about me section of her website, Tiffany explains that she has recently become a mother through adoption. She said she would give her readers the full story in a later post. However, she hasn’t published an updated post.

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