10 Things You Didn’t Know about Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros

Modern-day America has seen a significant rise in feminists who seek to even out the roles of the male and female population. “What a man can do a woman can do it better,” is a saying that has come about with this wave. While this may hold in many cases, not all women are feminists. Andrea Tantaros, a renown American conservative political analyst and commentator, is such a woman. According to Andrea, the change in the dynamics between the sexes as a problem affecting relationships and families. Despite her gender, she is quite the anti-feminist and prefers to have a passive role in her relationships. Apart from being an anti-feminist, here are ten things you probably did not know about her.

1. Early life

Andrea Tantaros was born in December 1978 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her Father- Konstantinos Tantaros- is an immigrant from Greece while her mother- is Italian. Her family owns a diner, Pied Piper Diner, where she used to work before pursuing her current career. As a child, Andrea developed a keen interest in Athletics. She pursued her curiosity and later became a gymnast. She would occasionally juggle between going for gym classes and working for her parents as a waitress in their diner.

2. Education

Andrea started her studies at Parklands High school in Allentown. After completing high school, she joined Lehigh University, where she graduated with a degree in Journalism and French. She would later travel and join Paris University to further her studies.

3. Career

Andrea Tantaros started her career in Journalism as a freelancer. Later on, she worked at Bill Press as a media consultant. Andrea worked as a consultant for an extended period before switching to work with Bat Tommy and Pat Buchanan as a media consultant. She quickly developed an interest in politics and eventually started working as a political columnist for New York Daily News. As a columnist, she remained outspoken and fierce with her opinions. Additionally, her skills in journalism were remarkable. This would later propel her to serve as the spokeswoman of Massachusetts Governor; William Weld. She also worked for Pat Toomey and Thomas Reynold before relocating to New York City to start her media company. In April 2010, Andrea landed a significant role working as a political contributor for Fox News Chanel. She steadily rose through ranks at Fox News, and by 2011 she became a co-host of ‘The Five’. This is a television talk show that discusses current stories in America. As a co-host, her audience liked her, and within seven months, ‘The Five’ became the second-most-watched talk show in America. She later became a co-host of ‘Outnumbered’, an hour-long show that features a panel of four women and one man airing different perspectives on emerging issues that face America. Despite the massive success of her talk shows, she was let go from Fox News Channel in 2016 due to indifference with the management at Fox News.

4. Siblings

Andrea Tantaros has only two older siblings. A brother called Dean and a sister who goes by the name Thea Tantaros. Her younger brother, Daniel, passed away in 2013 at 31 years of age. Daniel was special needs, and despite his condition, he had worked hard and created a name for himself in a magazine company. Thea Tarantos is the current Vice president and director of client services at Equinox Consultancy.

5. Books

In her book Tied Up in Knots; How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable, she talks of the dysfunctional relationship between men and women in modern-day America. As soon as the book was released, it elicited mixed reactions. Feminists were appalled by Andrea’s strong opinion on how modern-day feminists have changed the male-female dynamics and, as a result, presented the female population with other emerging problems, especially in family setups. On the other hand, they were many females and males who were in support of Andrea’s take on the role of the modern-day woman in the family setup.

6. Political Affiliation

Despite being born by immigrants, Andrea is a staunch Republican supporter. She previously worked as a media consultant for the Republican party and has served as the spokeswoman for the Governor of Massachusetts, a renown republican politician. Additionally, she has been involved in several political campaigns supporting the Republican party.

7. Scandals

Just like any other famous media personality, Andrea has been involved in a few scandals. The most notable one is her alleged sexual harassment lawsuit against her former boss in Fox News. According to Andrea, her former boss and other network executives were using fake social media accounts to defame her. Additionally, she claimed that her bosses illegally surveilled her. Unfortunately for her, she lost her case against Fox Network. Besides this lawsuit, she was involved in another legal battle with a writer. The writer, Michael Krechme, claimed to have been paid less money than what Andrea had promised to pay him.

8. Social Media

Andrea Tantaros is very active in her social media accounts. She has a myriad of followers on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Andrea regularly shares updates of her life with her followers.

9. Other Business Ventures

Having come from a family with an entrepreneurial background, it seems like that rubbed in on her as she has a company of her own – Andrea Tantaros Media. The company provides fortune 500 companies with various services ranging from media strategies to crisis management. The company also helps politicians in their campaigns.

10. Love Life

She is currently dating a songwriter and guitarist, Dave Navarro.


Andrea Tantaros is a woman who overcame a lot of challenges to become a renowned political analyst and media personality. Despite being fired from Fox News, Andrea Taranto’s never gave up, and as of now, she works as a political analyst for the summit. Following her journey from a small town in Pennsylvania to reaching the pinnacle of her career and owning her own company, it is nothing short of inspiring.

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