Unveiling the Psychic World of Amy Allan: 10 Intriguing Facts

Unveiling the Psychic World of Amy Allan: 10 Intriguing Facts

Amy Allan

Amy Allan, a reality television personality, is best known for her role on the television series “The Dead Files.” As a psychic medium, she works alongside retired New York police detective Steve DiSchiavi. If you’re a fan of the show or of Allan, there’s a lot about her that hasn’t been shared on the series. We delved into her history and career to learn more about her and made some fascinating discoveries. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Amy Allan.

1. Paranormal Encounters Began in Childhood

At just four years old, Amy started having her first paranormal experiences. She shared that shadow people would appear to her, causing a fair amount of torment. Since being a tiny little girl, she has been able to see and hear spirits from another plane. These experiences sparked a desire and a need to know more about what was happening to her. She began her journey to understand these mysteries from a very young age, and as an adult, she has a much better working knowledge of the paranormal.

2. Mentored by a Renowned Parapsychologist

Seeking direction and guidance from a trusted figure in the parapsychology community, Amy attended the University of Arizona and was mentored by Dr. William Roll, one of the most well-known and respected parapsychologists in the world. Amy has also subjected herself to examination and testing of her abilities by some of the leading parapsychologists in the industry.

3. A Diverse and Impressive Resume

Throughout her career, Amy has worked with a variety of different people. She has conducted over 500 investigations in both businesses and private homes, worked with police agencies, and collaborated with private investigators. She helps out wherever her assistance is needed and requested, building an impressive resume as a psychic medium.

4. A Dedicated and Professional Psychic

Despite skeptics doubting the existence of the paranormal and any human being’s ability to discern such activity, Amy Allan takes her work very seriously. She understands that clients experiencing frightening occurrences in their homes need her help. She conducts investigations and reports back on her experiences. Sometimes, the people in the homes she investigates are at risk for injury or death from the entities that inhabit their homes. In some cases, the spirits are not malevolent, but in others, families have little choice but to move away.

5. Communicating with the Dead

On many occasions, Amy comes into contact with the spirits of dead humans haunting locations. She can see them, hear what they are saying, and discern whether they are evil. She communicates with them to better understand why they are occupying a certain location and determine if there is a risk to the occupants.

6. An Open-Minded Skeptic

Interestingly, although Allan is a paranormal investigator and psychic, she is also an open-minded skeptic. This means she doesn’t necessarily believe that all reports of paranormal activity indicate human spirits in a home. Until she has gathered proof of the existence of spirits in a location, she doesn’t necessarily think that every unexplained incident is related to the paranormal.

7. Balancing Spiritual and Scientific Information

When conducting investigations, Amy takes a scientific approach. Every item that could possibly give her clues about the inhabitants or history of the home is first removed. She is not given any information that could influence her experience. Her training in psychology has made her keenly aware that humans can be influenced to form assumptions and beliefs based on what they see. She strives to deliver a pure and unsullied study by conducting her investigations in-depth and in a controlled environment to procure the most accurate results.

8. Collaborating with Various Media Companies

Amy Allan is best known for her appearance on “The Dead Files” on the Travel Channel. She has also served as a consultant and reality personality for other networks, working behind the scenes for CBS, TLC, the Discovery Channel, and many more. Her advice is sought out by various agencies that produce shows dealing with the paranormal due to her years of experience and proven track record in the field.

9. A Healer at Heart

The work Amy does can help families decide what to do about their current situations, including whether to stay in a home or leave. She helps them understand more about their experiences, which can be comforting and helpful. However, some people need spiritual and physical healing. Allan has studied alternative medicine and has the ability to use her psychic (psychometric) gifts to help heal the living. She has also studied Thai Yoga Massage, Western Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Asian Medicine, and Acupuncture.

10. Inherited Psychic Gifts from Her Parents

Both of Amy Allan’s parents are gifted psychics. Her father, like Amy, is a physical medium, while her mother is more of a telepathic medium. The difference is that a physical medium gains information from being in a location where the activity is or has taken place, while a telepathic medium does not need to be close to a person or thing to receive information.

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