Cool Video Looks at Cyberpunk 2077 As if it Were an Anime

Cool Video Looks at Cyberpunk 2077 As if it Were an Anime

Cyberpunk 2077

Let’s just get it out there in the open to start with, a lot of people have already been calling Cyberpunk 2077 out for a number of things, from faulty software to transphobic issues that a lot of people are having a problem with. But the most frustrating part of this is that it’s a GAME. There are bound to be a few bugs that might have been missed in the editing process but it does feel as though they should have fixed everything before releasing the game to multiple platforms. As far as anything else though, people feeling marginalized goes well beyond the gaming world since like it or not, people will find something, anything, to gripe about no matter where they have to go to do it. It’d be kind of surprising if people didn’t feel the need to gripe about this anime version of the game for one reason or another, perhaps to say that it didn’t feature enough diversity in it or that it didn’t feature the characters that people wanted to see. It is a little trippy to be certain since the game itself is kind of a trip just to look at. But the whole idea of griping and whining about what’s shown properly, who’s represented the way they want to be, and what might need to be ‘fixed’ apart from some very real programming bugs, is a bit juvenile. All a person has to do is not pay attention and go on with their lives, there’s representation for just about everyone these days that’s available in so many ways that it’s hard to think that people haven’t picked up on this yet.

The anime is just about as trippy as one would expect since this game’s whole point is to find a cybernetic implant that will grant the character immortality. In a game that focuses on cybernetic implants to upgrade and improve your character, this is something that would likely be one of the best and most rare things to find, especially playing online so many others that are willing to spend what it takes and sit in front of their screens for hours on end to find what they need to dominate. The anime kind of makes it clear that the game is a breakneck and ruthless kind of experience that’s going to test a lot of people and likely inspire a lot of gamers to push past whatever social inequities that others are claiming exist. Without trying to negate such concerns, it’s still smarter to simply play the game, see what it’s like, and make snap judgments later. As far as the anime goes it’s another way to show that pretty much anything can be turned into anime and it’s going to get even crazier than it was before this kind of presentation.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been a highly anticipated game for a while now since not only does it feature Keanu Reeves, who’s been one of the top dogs when it comes to action, but the vibrant and interesting world it’s been promising has been something that people were looking forward to seeing. But the fact that anyone has to gripe about it in any way other than performance is proof that there’s almost nothing these days that folks won’t pick apart when looking for something they want versus something that’s already there and is the same grimy part of a grimy world that is bound to represent what the designer was going for in the first place. Those that want to go on record as having a problem with the material might want to think about creating their own games, their own stories, and their own content since like it or not, with games, with anime, and with anything in this world, those that create pop culture usually do so in a way that tries to be inclusive but might falter at some crucial step. But they also cater to the majority more often than not, and the majority of people that play games are bound to see the types of representation that they enjoy the most. If people have an issue with this, and they usually do, then it’s time to do something about it rather than sitting and crying in their gaming chairs that life isn’t fair.

Change is still happening in the video game market and has already been coming to anime and the rest of pop culture as the years have gone by. But the truth is that we’re still bound to see storytellers and designers cater to those that are going to spend the most money to see what they want, and even designers are going to prefer to tell their own stories. What this means is that when it comes to pop culture, those that want to sit and whine about it are out of luck, while those that get up and do their own thing, which Cyberpunk is definitely a product of, will be able to write their own ticket.

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