This is The Virtual Set Technology That’s Replacing The Green Screen

This is The Virtual Set Technology That’s Replacing The Green Screen

This is The Virtual Set Technology That’s Replacing The Green Screen

You probably get the gist of this, technology is still moving forward and has been, and will be, for the foreseeable future since green screens are now being replaced with virtual set technology that features giant LED screens that are far more capable of creating a professional-looking show or movie than the older methods that were used for so long. Green screens are still in use, but it does feel as though they’re going to be fading out slowly but surely at some point, if they’re not already since the virtual sets are quickly becoming more and more popular given that they can adjust for many issues that the green screens still deal with, such as a natural-looking landscape and the ability to control the lighting in a much more efficient manner. The Mandalorian, which is featured in both clips, has been using this type of technology throughout the first season and obviously will when season 2 releases this coming Friday since not only is important to the production, but it’s given fans an experience that’s miles beyond what was being done by George Lucas when he first started off with Star Wars. Looking at the budget he didn’t have and the budget that Star Wars directors are given today though it’s not really comparable, but the effects back then were still impressive, and today the effects that are being used are doing a great service to the franchise.

Just imagine being inside a giant stage with the landscape that’s been created all around you. It’s very likely that it would be disorienting at first since the effect might be akin to stepping into an entirely different world, but at the same time this allows a movie or show to be produced in a manner that’s far superior to a green screen since the landscape can change, the point of view can change, the lighting can be adjusted easier, and the overall production simply looks better since it has more movement and isn’t as static. One can only imagine what the LED screens cost, but in the long run, it feels as though the process might be a bit cheaper and the results will be much better since this type of technology does appear to be something that can take a lot of stress off of the set makers in terms of keeping everything up and functional at all times. It’s likely that creating the sets would still be something that might take a while and could cause those in charge a bit of stress when it comes to getting it right. But the implications for this technology are huge since it could continue to revolutionize the movie industry.

Thinking about how far cinema has come in terms of effects makes me think of the movie Hugo and the old-time films that were produced by Ben Kingsley’s character. When looking back at such times, even with movies such as Buster Keaton’s old hits, it’s a wonder how things started so simply and continued to build as the years went on. A person has to wonder just what’s going to be coming down the pipeline in the next ten to twenty years since things appear to be moving at a pretty quick pace. Some might have thought we would have holographic movies at this point, but it’s not as though anyone is ruling that out, even if it’s not an idea that’s on everyone’s lips at this time. Right now the LED screens are a huge step in continuing to improve the way that movies are filmed, but one can easily assume that many filmmakers will continue to keep the older methods alive for as long as they can simply because to forget about them would be a shame since without those methods what exists today could not have come about. Remembering the past is important since the precursors that came before what we have now are to be respected in a big way, even if they don’t work quite as well any longer.

It is interesting to think of what might come next since the virtual sets are something that appears to be as far as the technology can currently go, and it’s seriously impressive since when comparing it to green screen technology it feels as though the virtual sets are a huge leap forward, much as a new and improved tire would be to a wagon wheel. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the point is that the virtual set technology is pretty fancy and it’s likely to keep the green screens dropping in terms of popularity since the ability to keep moving forward and improve cinematic technology is something that many people will no doubt come to appreciate. At the very least, the end result will be something that fans will continue to like.

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