This Fan Theory about Abuela From Encanto is a Head Scratcher

This Fan Theory about Abuela From Encanto is a Head Scratcher

This Fan Theory about Abuela From Encanto is a Head Scratcher

The 2021 movie Encanto didn’t initially perform as well as expected at the box office, but the movie has still become a big hit among many viewers. Encanto has become especially popular after being released on the Disney + streaming service. Although Encanto is technically a children’s movie people of all ages have fallen in love with the magic of Encanto. After all, themes like family, bravery, and community are things that almost everyone can relate to. That said, 15-year-old Mirabel Madrigal may be the star of the movie, but her grandmother also plays a very important role in the film and some fans have come up with a very interesting theory about the beloved Abuela. Keep reading to learn more about this bizarre fan theory about Abuela from Encanto.

What Is Encanto About?

If you haven’t gotten around to seeing Encanto yet, you may be wondering what the movie is about in the first place. Encanto centers around a teenage girl named Mirabel Madrigal who comes from a family full of people with special powers. Mirabel is actually the only person in the family who never received such a gift. The Madrigal family lives in a hidden place in the mountain called Encanto where everything is magical and lovely. However, when Mirabel finds out that the future of Encanto is in danger, she decides to jump into action to save her home and all of the people she loves.

Who Is Abuela?

Now that we’ve provided some context on what the movie is about, you’re probably wondering what the deal is with Abuela. Abuela, whose real name is Alma Madrigal, is the matriarch of the family. She suffered a tragic loss when her husband was killed while they attempted to flee their home village in search of safety. Abuela is in possession of a magical candle that has a flame that never goes out. The candle gifted Abuela a magical mansion for her and her family to live in. Every child in the Madrigal family (except for Mirabel) is also given a magical gift from the candle. It’s also important to note that while Abuela does have possession of the candle, she doesn’t actually have any magical abilities.

What Are Fans Saying About Abuela?

On the surface, Abuela seems like a pretty straightforward character. However, there may be more to Abuela than some viewers realize. A Reddit user named Ishadakitty has come up with a theory about Abuela that will likely leave you scratching your head. Ishadakitty explained that they believe that Abuela got so caught up in the magic of the Encanto that she essentially forces her daughter and son and law to have another child so the family can have another person with powers. Ishadakitty went on to say, “My theory is that, after having two children (Luisa and Isabel) their parents were content and didn’t plan to have more children. But Abuela pushed them to try for one more “gift,” and they did as they were told, as she expected. She may even have chosen her name, because it’s a “miracle” after they said they didn’t want more! Abuela’s little miracle. Her prize. It isn’t that Mirabel’s parents didn’t love her and want her once they had her, only that her reason for existing is because Abuela crossed the line. Instead of “earning their Encanto,” she was being manipulative of her family and caused Mirabel to exist because she wanted a new power in their ranks.”

Even though Mirabel didn’t have any powers, she still proved to be just as special as any other member of the Madrigal family. Her ability to see what the others couldn’t is what allowed her to save the Encanto and put her family on a new path. Several other users chimed in to support this theory with many believing that Ishadakitty was certainly on to something. Others, however, think the explanation is much simpler than what Ishadakitty suggested. Another user, Robo-Connery writes, “I personally think it is as simple as the magic knowing that it was going to fail and it needed Mirabel to save it. The only way to set up Mirabel for success in this task was to deny her a gift. If she had received a gift then she would never have reunited her family and stopped Abuela pushing them apart, the magic would have died.” While we may never know the truth, this fan theory is definitely one worth considering. If Encanto gets a sequel, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore Abuela’s character even more.

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