Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lecy Goranson

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lecy Goranson

Roseanne was, by far, one of the most controversial family-related sit-coms of all time. You never knew what was going to come out Roseanne’s mouth. The Conner family presented the image and representation of the average lower-middle class white family in America. Lecy Goranson played the original role of Becky, the Connor’s Oldest daughter. She would end up leaving the show abruptly in what was announced as her going off to school, although there were some conflicting stories behind it. If there is one thing that has surfaced it is the fact there were a lot of secrets on this show, and it is not likely that the complete truth will ever be revealed. There have been a lot of recent rumors behind the departure of Lecy, but who is the person behind the name?

1. She is Chicago Native with a Passion for Theatre and Dance

When Alicia “Lecy” Goranson landed the role of Becky on the show Roseanne, she was not a novice to the craft. She had a background in acting and dance, and it showed in her work. Which was polished. She has been quoted as saying that she left the show to attend college and experience some form of normalcy. To her, being in the pressure cooking of getting episodes filmed did not resemble what she considered to be normal.

2. Once Lecy Left the Show, She Did Not Watch Subsequent Episodes

While many Roseanne fans are aware that Lecy left the show, they are either unaware or have forgotten that she returned to the show for a brief stint – sharing the role with her replacement. According to Lecy, upon her return to the show, she was told that they would work with her college schedule; however, that did not happen, and she ended up leaving for good. Once she left, she never watched the final season. She shamefully admits that she did not know that Dan died on the show.

3. She Does Not Regret Her Decision to Leave

According to Lecy, the need for normalcy won out over the fact that she missed the relationships that she had created while filming all those episodes. She said that it was important to be around her peers. Additionally, being in an intellectual environment that stimulated her mind and challenged her was also very important Lecy. Although she attempted to balance both for a while, the conflict in schedule simply became too much for her to deal with.

4. She Made and Indelible Mark on the Show

There is no doubt that Lecy made an indelible impression on the show and its fans. Sarah Chalke, who replaced Lecy on the show, has been quoted as saying that she was referred to as the second Becky for 10 years, even after leaving the show. The impression that she made was not solely because she was a part of the show for so many seasons, but because of her ability to deliver when she showed up to work.

5. There Will be an 8-Episode Reboot

All the talk about the show and the behind the scene secrets resurfaced when the news broke that the show will reboot for a singular 8-episode season. Most of the specific details about the reboot have been kept under tight wraps, but it has been confirmed that both of the actresses that played the role of Becky will be in the reboot, now how that will play out is still not clear.

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